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Like seriously, Roots Canada should probably hire my son to be their model because he wears their clothes ridiculously well!










We had the wonderful Hilary Spencer of Hilary Spencer Creative Photography take Nate’s First Birthday and Cake Smash photos about two weeks ago and I’m blown away with how fabulous they turned out! Hilary has been shooting Nate’s pictures since before he was even born. If you’ve taken a look through my Gallery page then you’ve most likely seen some of our maternity photos as well as Nate’s newborn and six month pictures. Hilary always does an amazing job and I get so excited when we get to see the final product of her work! It doesn’t hurt that my son seems to be ridiculously photogenic either! Haha. Here are some of Nate’s pictures. As always, he dove face first into the little cake I made him. For his birthday party at our house, I chose to do a Cool Whip frosting because it supposedly was a “healthier” option than just plain frosting but for his Cake Smash, I thought “ah what the heck! Let’s go all out!” So I just used store bought Duncan Hines Creamy Home Style Butter Cream Frosting. I figured we’d get better pictures if I used the really “good stuff” and I think it paid off because true to character, Nate dove face first into the cake and by the end of the photo shoot he was COVERED head to toe in frosting!


*All pictures are property of Hilary Spencer Creative Photography*



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