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That Time I Forgot I Had a Blog…

It’s been a pretty minute since I last blogged hasn’t it? Truth be told, I’m starting to have a hard time finding a quiet moment or two throughout my hectic day to sit down and write. I’ve been back to work for almost two months now and it just keeps getting busier and busier! With working two jobs, I often end up working a lot of weekends (if not every single one) so during the week when I’m off, I’d rather spend all my free time hanging out with Kurt and Nate. I’ll tell myself “O.K. tomorrow during Nate’s nap time, I’ll do a new post…” Well, tomorrow comes and instead of blogging, I’m doing laundry or cleaning the house or eating or basically doing every other thing that’s on my never ending list of  chores that need to be completed that often times, when I finally do sit down, all I really want to do is relax and watch T.V.. I never want my fun, little family blog to become another chore so I’ve made it a point that if I feel like I’ve hit a writing wall or I just don’t have anything super exciting to say then I just won’t say anything at all. I don’t want to blog just for the sake of blogging. But I promise to always at least try to keep you [my lovely followers] up to date with what’s going on, however sporadic that may be!

Now, without further-ado, here’s a little run down of what we’ve been up to lately! I got our Christmas tree up last night so now the house is finally starting to feel festive! I usually like to put the tree up somewhere between Nov.25-30th but with working and Nate, I just wasn’t sure I was even going to bother putting one up this year. I absolutely love turning the lights on and staring at the tree all night while it sparkles but I 100% loathe lugging all the boxes out of the storage room then having to put it all away in a month. Sometimes, I wish I could just hire someone to come and do my tree for me but unfortunately, I have what I like to refer to as “Ornament OCD” and I’m VERY selective about the placements of my decorations. The ornaments themselves need to be spaced a good distance apart. We cannot have two of the same colours on one branch. There needs to be an even mix of large and small ornaments as well as solid and patterns. And most importantly, I need to know all the “good” ornaments are safely out of reach of the cats (and now Nate) so that they don’t break. Since living together, I don’t think Kurt has ever actually put any decorations on our tree. I think he might have the first year and then realized how crazy I am and now just lets me do it on my own. He’ll bring up all the stuff for me but that’s as far as he usually gets since I can almost guarantee anything he puts onto the tree, I’d move immediately. Haha! I was pretty nervous about having the tree up with Nate since he’s 13 months now and wants to touch everything but he’s been so good so far! This morning when he came downstairs and saw it, he smiled and then when I turned the lights on he made the cutest most confused looking face ever. He was so dumbfounded that the tree lit up right before his eyes that I think the whole thing has just confused him to the point where he doesn’t even care to go near it. He touched one non-breakable ball and as soon as I told him “No” he just walked away. He’s been much more interested in our little plush snowman. I shouldn’t even say “little” snowman because he’s still got at least three inches on Nate haha I’m totally cool with him touching him because there’s no way Nate will hurt himself. He’s also steered clear of the stocking which are hanging on the fireplace so, all in all, I think we’re off to a good start!

I still cannot believe it’s December 1st already! Holy smokes! I swear July/August were just yesterday! Honestly, where we live it doesn’t even feel like December yet so I think that’s also a reason I can’t quite believe Christmas is RIGHT around the corner! This week I think it’s like 8-9 degrees Celsius! I’m pretty sure it’s usually way colder than that this time of year!

I’m really looking forward to Christmas this year, I mean, I always do but since having Nate every holiday just seems so much more enjoyable. This will be his second Christmas and I know he still won’t “get it” but I just can’t help but think about all the future Christmases when he will. We still haven’t taken him to see Santa so we’ve definitely gotta get on that! Last year, he was only two months old so we didn’t really see a point and I didn’t want a picture where he was just sleeping so I’m hoping this year he won’t be frightened and we can finally have his first picture with Santa up in the house. Fingers crossed for us!

Since I’m in a 24/7 career, I always have to work holidays. This year I will be working Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 7am-3pm. As much as it sucks to not be home Christmas morning, selfishly, I’m excited about it. I worked 3pm-11pm over Thanksgiving so I didn’t get the big turkey dinner. With working days, it means I’ll be home in time to have some delicious turkey with all the fixin’s! Nate won’t know it’s a special day and even though Santa will have come, he won’t be chomping at the bit to open his gifts. Next year, might be a bit different but for now, I’m totally fine with working days! It’s just so hard to believe another year has come and gone!

2 thoughts on “That Time I Forgot I Had a Blog…

  1. I laughed when I read this! ha! I am writing about our christmas tree right now and the ornament OCD is going to kill you when your bebe is older. Penelope is 3.5 and she put all her ornaments on one branch. It is taking every ounce of my being not to rearrange them! There is literally 1 branch loaded with so many ornaments it is touching the carpet! ha!


    1. Haha! That’s too funny! She was probably so proud of herself eh? haha!! Oh my gosh, I know I’m going to be a total basket case when he’s older! I’m hoping because we have two trees, I can just designate the smaller tree to Nate haha Lord help me… Thanks for reading doll!


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