Mom Life

Another Month, Another Cold


Hello, December glad to see you’re not missing a beat by letting Nate and I get through one month without a cold. I’m not trying to sound pathetic or anything but I’m just so over being sick! I swear since going back to work October 5th I have had FIVE colds in the span of two months! I managed to get through my entire pregnancy without a single cold then in the span of Nate’s first year of life I was sick maybe 3 or 4 times. Pretty good if I do say so myself! But all that has changed since going back to the hospital and long-term care home. Literally within a week (A WEEK!) of going back to work, I came down with a cold. Coincidence? I think not!

What really sucks about all these colds though is the fact that poor Nate keeps catching them! The first one I had he managed to steer clear of it although it was by far the worst cold I’ve had in years but since then he just keeps getting sick immediately after I do. Sunday evening when I got home from work the poor kid’s nose was literally dripping with snot (sorry TMI!) and you could just hear how congested he was getting. Then of course he wakes up Monday morning, face completely covered in dried boogies and is open mouth breathing because his nose is so stuffed. I was really hoping Sunday night that perhaps it was just teething because he does tend to get a little congested when a new tooth wants to poke through but when I woke up sick Tuesday morning I knew for sure it definitely wasn’t just a new tooth. The poor kid! I can’t imagine being that small and being sick. I know obviously at some point I was but the idea that he can’t blow his nose when he needs to just hurts my heart!

Today is now Thursday and I’m hoping we’re over the worst of it. Yesterday my throat was killing me but today it’s just mainly my nose so fingers crossed for us! I think Nate’s still feeling pretty crappy though. He’s been really clingy and snuggly these past few days so I know he’s in rough shape. Usually, he’s way too busy to want to stop playing and snuggle with me. Selfishly, I love the extra cuddles but I’d gladly trade them for my fun loving, energetic 13 month old back!



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