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Shop ‘Till Ya Drop…Online That Is!

So basically, everyone by now probably knows all about my steadily growing online shopping addiction. It started when I won a free beanie hat from an online giveaway via Instagram [follow me!] and has now morphed into a full fledged “I probably need to go to meetings” addiction. Since Christmas is RIGHT around the corner (whelp!) I thought I’d share some of my absolute FAVOURITE online shops! There’s definitely something to be said about buying local or supporting small businesses and to be honest, I find when I do these things, the products I get are at least ten times better than what I would’ve found in a mass produced store. Plus, I get the added bonus of knowing I’m supporting some else’s dream.

OK let’s get to it shall we!?

1.) The Wild– Adriane creates modern, unisex apparel and accessories for both you and your little ones. With characters like “Finn” the fox, “Rocky” the raccoon, “Murray” the moose, “Lars” the lumberjack; her designs bring to light children’s imaginations. Adriane has several different collections to choose from ranging from the Arctic Collection to the Safari Collection; you’re bound to find a character [or two] your child will love. She also creates one of a kind plush stuffies and Christmas tree ornaments using her designs. You know you’ve gotta check out this shop when celebs like Rachel Bilson and Hilary Duff have ordered her products! But I think one of my favourite things about Adriane and her designs is that she’s from Hamilton, ON which is close [ish] to where I live. Currently, she’s playing catch-up on some orders so her online website is closed but you can find several stores (locally and internationally) who carry her fabulous line! I swear, if I could order everything she makes without going broke, I totally would!!

2.) Rufus and Murdog– Another amazing Canadian online shop from the lovely ladies Ana-Marie and Nicole. With four little ones, they created an online store devoted to selling indie brand clothing lines as well as items all made in Canada. You can find various items of The Wild on their site as well as other amazing designers. They have a wide range of clothing items such as tops, leggings, onesies, dresses, outdoors wear, and shoes but they also sell nursery decor, bedding, swaddle blankets, hampers, and storage bins. Basically, anything you could think of, they sell! Their prices are so reasonable and you just know everything they have on their site has been hand picked by them. Ana-Marie and Nicole will tell you themselves, if you don’t see it in their homes, then you won’t find it on their site!

3.) The Mini Mountaineer– I’ve already bragged about this online shop in a previous blog post (see here) so I won’t go into too much more detail other than to say I LOVE THIS STORE! I find their designs so different and trendy that I could probably sit here and talk about them for hours. Nate has been “brand repping” for this store for a couple months now and every time something arrives in the mail from them, I get beyond excited! All their clothing items are made using American Apparel onesies or shirts and the designs are just too cute to ignore! With sayings like “Mountain Man”, “M is for Moose”, and “Take Me to the Mountains” how could you not buy something from them?

4.) Whistle and Flute– Here again is another Canadian shop that once you start browsing through their website you know you’re in big trouble! Whistle and Flute is a total hipster parent’s dream! All the designs are super trendy that they’re sure to make your little one stand right out. The best part is that a lot of their kids designs are also sold in their adult section! So if you’re like me, and love to play matchy-match with your little then you definitely need to check them out because I can guarantee you will not be disappointed!

5.) Axe and Bow Apparel– Still a relatively new Etsy shop but definitely worth a second look at! Here you can find not only adorable snap scarves and blankets for kids but the cutest accessories for your best furry friend! Working out of Nova Scotia, Mackenzie creates one of a kind accessories you can adorn your favourite two (or four) legged love with! Her patterns are all funky yet sophisticated and can be worn by either little boys or girls!

6.) Too Rah Loo– The brainchild of Katie who is one hip mama! Her son Sam is probably one of the most adorable blue eyed boys ever and he is always rocking her hand made clothing items! Whether you’re looking for some bold patterned snap scarves or some trendy tee’s, Too Rah Loo has it all! This has been one of my favourite shops to follow for some time now and I find myself constantly wishing my bank account was never ending that way I could spend more money here. I can’t even begin to count the amount of times I’ve shown Kurt one of Katie’s outfits saying “But wouldn’t Nate look so cute in this!?” It also helps that she’s a huge pitbull advocate and has one named Ari. I mean, I’ve gotta like her since I’ve got a fur baby named Ari too! But for real, her clothes are outta this world adorable!

7.) Willow and Wheat– Holy smokes what is it with Canadians!? We definitely can make some AMAZING products as made evident by this fabulous shop! Stephanie, from Saskatoon, creates hand made blankets; using fresh and modern fabrics, her blankets walk the line between funky and unique. She uses a variety of patterns and solids to help create these beautifully crafted pieces. If you’re looking to add a little extra something to spice up yours or your child’s bedding, then I’d highly suggest taking a gander through her Etsy shop!

8.) Indie Bird– Formerly @birdsandbunny is making rad tee’s straight outta Southern California. I can’t say I’ve actually ordered anything from them but they definitely carry some swoon worthy items that I’d love to own! Their graphic tee’s have hilarious sayings like Janis [Joplin] is my Home Girl and On the Play Ground is Where I Spent Most of My Days so really, how could you not love this store!

9.) Little Southern Swag– Yeah, the name pretty much says it all! This shop just oozes swag and hipster vibes for days! Handmade outta Texas, this shop sells a wide variety of items ranging from bibs and scarves to dresses and rompers to leggings and beanies and even NFL attire! Their leggings come in some of the most adorable cartoon characters I have ever seen and if I’m ever lucky enough to have a little girl you can be sure I’ll be all over their bows and skirt combos!! Oh, and if you want another reason to love this shop, they have a Sons of Anarchy romper! Be still my Jax and Opie lovin’ heart!

10.) Opposite of Far– Jessica has been creating one of a kind felt masks, tails, beards, and crowns since 2011. Her fun loving approach to make believe is what first drew my attention towards her shop. She has so many unique and creative masks that you could literally spend hours upon hours getting lost in a world of imagination! Even just browsing through her online selection, I can’t help but think of all the fun Nate could have as he gets older. Being able to dress up as a dragon or an owl or a fox or basically any animal you could think of (!) would be such a fun day for a kid! Jessica brings such whimsy and love into all her designs and you can see from her pictures online just how much her items mean to those wearing them!

Well, there you guys have it! Ten stores I’m currently crushing on big time! I hope these shops either inspire you to find small business you love or maybe give you that extra little push you need to start a store of your own! If you have any recommendations for other shops you think I might like, please feel free to further my addiction and comment below!

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