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Nate at 15 Months

Our little Nate is turning 15 months in three days! Wow! Just wow! Honestly, I’m more and more surprised how quickly time flies by month after month. It’s honestly astounding to me that he’s becoming more and more of a little boy and less and less of a baby. Here’s a little glance into the boy Nate is turning in to…


Giver of the best kisses! Seriously. He’s gone from only giving kisses when you ask him to, to actually just coming over and planting a big, open mouth kiss on your lips. Sometimes, if I’m not paying attention to what he wants, he’ll grab my face and kiss me knowing that the moment he does it, I’ll cave and do whatever he wants.

He constantly babbles. He’s not speaking just yet but he can say mum-mum and dadada. Plus he points at things and says “dat”. I count this as speaking because he’s fully capable of communicating with not only Kurt and I but others as well. He just doesn’t use words but he’s getting closer and closer each day!

Hater of vegetables. Nate only has four (and a half) teeth so we’ve been gradually introducing solids to him more and more since he turned a year. Now he eats almost 100% solid foods unless they’re vegetables. If you try and feed him one, he’ll spit it out of his mouth and put it on the floor or something. He will only eat his veggies if they’re mixed in a sauce or with something that has a stronger flavour.

Lover of all the cats, but mostly Ari. It’s the cutest thing ever to watch Nate’s face when he sees one of our cats. He immediately lights up and will start clapping. It’s hysterical. He especially goes crazy when he sees Milo because Milo spends most of the day hiding somewhere. Ari on the other hand, is always out in view of Nate. Nate loves coming over to Ari and putting his head on him. Ari is always so patient with Nate which makes me so proud since he was the cat I was most worried about.


Runner. We went from crawling, to walking, to running in a matter of weeks! It was like the moment Nate started really walking, he realized he could run. Sometimes I forget how quick he is and if I’m throwing in a load of laundry, I constantly have to remind myself to grab him and bring him in the room with me because we have a sunken laundry room on our main room and Nate has zero depth perception when it comes to that step down!

Crazy for country music! Maybe it’s because that’s all I usually play, but Nate loves him some country music! Especially, “Die A Happy Man” by Thomas Rhett and “Mr. Misunderstood” by Eric Church. No lie, he literally stops in his tracks when these songs come on CMT or the radio. If we’re watching CMT and the videos come on, he’ll stand there swaying side to side until it’s over then he carries on with whatever he was doing previously. It’s hilarious and so flippin’ cute!

Biter. Ugh! We’re working SO hard on these one right now. I’m not sure exactly when or why this behaviour started but I am NOT a fan of it that’s for sure. Obviously, because biting isn’t nice but mostly because it seems like he only wants to bite me! Nate used to gum my chin and shoulders which was fine because he had no teeth and it was cute but now he’s started full out biting. And he bites everywhere! My arms, my back, my legs; it’s awful! He’s gotten my cheeks a couple times and holy heck did I ever yell. It’s a process but we’re working on it.

He’s going to be a climber. He’s started attempting to climb out of his crib but he’s still just a tad too short to actually pull himself up but he’s pretty dang close to scaling the baby gates that’s for sure! The other day he was almost completely over it but slipped and kind of fell backwards. He landed on his bum and scared himself enough that he hasn’t attempted it again but it’s only a matter of time!


Lover of water. Whether it’s in the tub, sippy cup, or toilet, this kid loves water! He loves splashing around in it, when he’s drinking he will say “mmm” or “yumm”, he loves playing with toys in it. He just loves water. It’s pretty funny how excited he gets during bath time and when it’s over, he literally cries and cries. That part isn’t so funny! đŸ˜‰

He has the sweetest personality. And I’m not just saying that because I’m his mom. I legitimately believe anyone will tell you he’s just the sweet little boy. He is so expressional and just does the nicest things. Like giving those kisses I talked about or loving on the cats. But he’s also really sweet with his two little buddies Lucas and Grayson. He gives them hugs and kisses and it’s just so adorable watching him interact with those two. He’s genuinely so sweet and loving. Yes, he’s got his moments but for the most part, this kid is as sweet as pie!

Hilarious! Oh my gosh. I can’t even begin to tell you how hilarious he is. He just does the funniest things and once he’s made you smile or laugh once, he’ll continue doing whatever it was because your laugh makes him laugh. There’s been countless times, I’ve gotten cramps from laughing so hard at him. He’s just the silliest, funniest little boy ever.

Nate is a wild child! He always has been and I’m sure he always will be. I think he gets his attitude and wildness from me to be honest! haha! He is a dare devil and I’m sure I’m going to have numerous heart attacks because of his antics. He could climb the stairs at like seven months, he’s trying to scale baby gates, he loves to scream at the top of his lungs making you think he’s seriously hurt, he likes to throw himself off the couch. I could go on and on about his wild ways!

Well, there you have it! A little peak into who Natey-Nate is at this time in his life! I can and can’t wait to see who he turns into next!


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