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Maevn Scrub Review

Some people in the medical profession enjoy wearing scrubs to work. They find them almost as comfortable as pajamas and love picking out fun pattern tops to wear on a daily basis. I, however, am not one of those people. I tend to typically hate scrubs. I don’t find them comfortable or flattering nor do I enjoy how I’m usually swimming in my tops and rolling up my bottoms because I can’t find sizes that fit my short stature correctly; that is until I found Maevn scrubs.

I was approached by Maevn Uniforms and asked to write a review on their new active-wear line they are releasing. I was a bit skeptical on how I would actually enjoy wearing these scrubs as I’ve spent six years in nursing and five years prior to that working in animal health care so I’ve put in my fair share of time despising my work wardrobe. I was informed by the rep for Maevn that the company was releasing a new line of scrubs geared towards keeping health care professionals cool and dry while in the work environment. This immediately intrigued me. Typically, while I’m working I find myself sweating all day long. I can go from feeling cold to all of the sudden dripping with sweat (especially if I’m in an isolation room) so the idea of having a “breathable” type fabric on seemed like a great idea to me.

In order to best test out the scrubs, I wore them at both my places of employment. Although, I work as a nurse at both jobs, the actual description of what I do is quite different. While at the long-term care home, I’m just handing out medications and doing treatments, at the hospital I’m participating in the hands on care aspect. So being able to see how these scrubs compared in different settings was an absolute must for me.


Maven EON


Maevn EON Active

I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed wearing my scrubs while at both jobs. The material the scrubs are made out of is light weight and allows you to easily move while wearing it. It’s designed to wick moisture away from your body allowing you to remain cool and dry. I was able to test out both the EON and EON Active lines. The only difference between the two is the mesh fabric on the sides of the EON Active line. Both are also made with wrinkle free material and there’s only minimal shrinkage after coming out of the dryer. I think this is fabulous as I’ve had to get rid of at least two scrub tops before because they turned into “crop tops” after a few cycles in the dryer and that’s just not suitable for the workplace environment.


Maevn EON


Maevn EON Active

Another great thing I loved about these scrubs were the amount of pockets in both the tops and bottoms. Working at the long-term care home I’m required to carry not only my id badges and swipe card but also a huge set of keys and a portable phone. I’ve also got a least two pens on me at all times so having several pockets to put everything in was heaven! Most of the pockets had zippers too which was an added bonus. There’s been numerous times where I’ve bent over to pick something up off the floor and out falls literally everything I’ve been holding onto in my pockets. It’s always a huge pain not to mention uncomfortable having to jam everything into a single space. Knowing these scrubs provide minimum of like five pockets per outfit is wonderful! I was also a big fan of the draw string pants that actually tighten when you tie the strings. So many of the pants I currently own have draw strings on them but very rarely do they actually do anything. I think they’re mostly there for show to be honest because I can count on three fingers the ones that actually work.


Maevn EON


Maevn EON Active

There’s loads of great colours to choose from as well. The ones I received were in the wine colour which is almost like a magenta/purple colour. I received several complements on not only the style but the colour as well while I was wearing them at both workplaces. And on Maevn’s website there’s actually a chart geared towards helping you determine what size will fit you best. It’s goes as in depth as telling you the bust, waist, hip, and inseam measurements. That way no matter if you’re 5’3 and a size 6 like me or 5’10 and a size 3, you can always find what will fit you best. I haven’t come across this before when buying scrubs and now when I’m not wearing my Maevn EON/EON Active scrubs, I find myself wishing I was, not only for the looks but also for the fact that I don’t need to roll my pants cuffs at least two times so they’re not dragging on the floor!

**Please note I was compensated two tops, two bottoms, and a sweater for my review on Maven Uniforms**

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