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Nate at 18 Months!

Well, here we are again…me apologizing for being MIA from my blog for like the third or fourth time. Haha! I swear I really do intend to blog more frequently but then life and work get in the way and I end up going three or four weeks without a new post. Oh well, I’m trying my best! So what’s new over here with us? Well, let’s see… Mr Nate turned 18 months! Yep! A year and a half old already! Holy smokes life is just breezing by us.

I think is the last three months I noticed the biggest intellectual changes in him by far. He’s learned so much since 15 months that I find it crazy to really think back and realize it’s only been three months. That’s barely any time at all but yet he’s grown and changed far beyond what I would’ve expected.

Here’s some new developments from our little man!

Lover of Goldfish crackers! He’d eat an entire box if we let him!

Can put on his own shoes now, he hasn’t quite grasped socks yet but he’s trying.

Knows some colours. If you ask him for the red ball or the orange ball more often than not he’ll hand you the correct one.

Is obsessed with rolling all his balls across the hardwood floors. He literally spends hours doing this.

We live by train tracks and Nate now knows when the rumbling starts it means a train is coming. He’ll drop whatever he’s doing to run to the front door and open it up to watch the train go by.

Speaking of which, he’s a master at opening and closing doors.

He comes down the stairs perfectly on his own.

Hates vegetables unless they’re mixed in some sort of sauce or dip.

The worst co-sleeper ever! Lol seriously he moves ALL over the place in his sleep so needless to say we don’t really co-sleep anymore unless he’s sick.

Says Mama and Dada perfectly now and will call us by those names.

He’s a big fan of going to the track and running with his daddy. He loves when Kurt and Chris run past him and he tries his hardest to chase after them.

Loves taking all the shoes out of the hallway closet and lining them up in a row.

Can do high five, props, and cheers when asked.

He’s basically a dog if you’re eating something. Nate will come up with his big blue eyes and sucker you into giving him whatever you’ve got to eat.

Still loves bath time as much as he always has only now his favourite thing to do in the tub is to line all his rubber duckies in a row.

Nate now has nine teeth. Four top, three bottom, and two top molars.

He hates getting his bum changed and his teeth brushed. He always fights with us on that.

Nate knows all his farm animals. He might not be able to say their names but if you ask him where the horse or the cow or the goat are, he always picks out the right now.

Destroyer of books. I can’t even begin to count the number of books he’s ripped apart. And I don’t mean paper page books, I only let him have his thick cardboard page books and yet he still manages to destroy them.

Loves Thomas the Train stuff. I’ve never met a little boy who didn’t love Thomas.

Gives the funniest, cheesiest grins when the camera is on him!

Is the sweetest when he’s around other babies. He loves to give his little friends kisses or he’ll rest his head on top of theirs. It’s actually the cutest thing in the world. Seriously.

He’s just the best little boy anyone could ask for!!





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