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Even More New Home Progress!

Ahhhhh! It’s so exciting! Our house is coming along so fast that every time we go and ‘visit’ it, I’m more and more blown away at how far it’s come. The lot was nothing but a pile of dirt for so long that seeing a home actually being built on it kind of seems strange. I keep thinking that it’s got to be a dream; that there’s no way they’ve made so much progress on our house in such a short time. We’ve gone from being just a lot, to a whole, to a basement, and now there’s an actual house with a second floor, rood, and even shingles in place. The more progress I see, the more thrilled I am for October. Yes, packing and unpacking totally sucks but being able to move into a house that no one else has ever lived in before and knowing that we hand chose everything in there is definitely exciting.

We’re not ‘technically allowed’ in the house so I haven’t been able to take pictures of the inside but I’ve gotten some really nice shots of the outside of our house. Plus really, without drywall up, it’s really hard to determine the size of the rooms and what they’re actually going to look like. Here’s a few of my most recent pictures!


They framed out the whole first floor in about two days which was completely shocking to us. We were there on Saturday and it was still just the basement then by Tuesday we had the makings of a new house!



I’m really excited for all the windows. I absolutely adore natural light and just from all the times we’ve gone to see the house in the evenings, I know we’re going to have amazing natural light all afternoon long.

20160722_124016 (1)

And the most recent update on our home is that we now have shingles! Yay! It looks like it’s coming along nicely and I cannot wait until there’s drywall up and the rooms start actually resembling rooms!

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