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New Home Progress

If you’re still following me on here you probably remember in my last post I let the cat outta the bag and informed you all that we’re moving. At that point, there still hadn’t been any progress to the house but today I’m happy to announce that the ground has been broken and the foundation has been poured! Yay!! We were starting to stress out over this because we still hadn’t put our current house on the market yet and were worried that our new home would be delayed. After being reassured numerous times from the builder, we decided it was o.k. to list our current house and guess what?! It sold without even going to market! We had it listed “exclusively” for about a day before someone contacted our realtor about the house. Basically, an exclusive listing means only our realtor is involved. Typically these types of listings never work out but thanks to the competitive market in our area it worked out in our favour!

We had the sign go up Friday afternoon, Saturday morning three families walked through, and by Saturday night we had a registered offer! We got everything we were looking for in the offer that was presented to us so needless to say we’re more than happy. I was quite worried about our closing date since our new home won’t be finished until mid-October but the couple that bought our house seemed fine with the closing. I think they wanted the house so bad that they would’ve agreed to whatever we asked really. People keep telling Kurt and I we should have waited and gone to market because we would’ve had a ‘bidding war’ but really, we knew we had a good offer on the table. It had everything in it we wanted, especially our close date with some flexibility to move it up or push it back if need be so really why would we wait? Waiting would have meant having multiple showings a day, repeatedly having to pack up Nate and haul him somewhere, keeping the house spotless, and constantly worrying about someone accidentally letting out the cats. No thank you. I’m more than happy with what we got for our house and it’s much higher than what we had originally thought we’d sell for so I think in the end we made the right decision.

I still can’t believe our house is sold and we’re moving in a few short months. It seems surreal still. I know my pics aren’t much but I can’t help but share the progress so far because I’m so excited about it. I didn’t think it was possible to get this excited over construction but I honestly so am. Every week I want to drive out to the house just to say “hi” to it. I know, I know I’m nuts! Haha


This was us putting the sticker on our newly purchased lot back in February!



Our empty lot waiting to be started!




FINALLY! Some progress on the house! You wouldn’t believe the number of times we drove by this lot expecting something to have been started only to be disappointed when we’d get there and it was still just a pile of dirt.





Progress as of Canada Day which was the last time we drove up there so hopefully by this weekend they’ll be a bit more construction done. I’m really looking forward to having a basement with four relatively large windows! We upgraded one in the back to the bigger size in case we every decide to put an extra bedroom down there. In our current house we only have two windows in the basement, one of which is under the back deck so needless to say it’s pretty dark down there when there’s no lights on.


The view from the side of our front porch. Hi neighbours! Don’t mind me creeping on your houses!



The view from the front of our porch. There’s a large hedge there and just in front of it is a nice running path for Kurt. Since we’re a corner lot we only have one neighbour on our right side (when facing the house) and we won’t have any neighbours in front of us because just beyond that hedge is apparently a mansion of a house that had a massive property. So yay, lucky us!!


So when it’s complete it will look like this! We got the four bedroom model so it’s roughly 2,500 square feet. Lots and lots of living space!! I’m pretty sure the outside of our house is a darker colour brick as well but I honestly can’t remember what we chose for it. Oops! Haha


And lastly, the sign that’s out on our current home’s front yard right now. Don’t mind the dead grass either. It hasn’t rained in like a month and I’m too lazy it water it myself.

Wow, so crazy to think that come the end of October we won’t be living in this house any more! I’m not going to lie, it’s definitely going to be hard to leave this place. This was the first house Kurt and I bought together (the first house I owned myself). It was the house we spent countless hours planning our wedding in. It was the house we came home to after our honeymoon. It was the house we brought our first child home to. It’s been such a wonderful home to us for the past four and a half years that it’s definitely going to be hard to say good bye to it. I know I’m going to cry the day we hand over our keys to the new owners and it’s probably going to take a while for our new house to give me the feeling that this house always has but in the end, we’ve out grown here and now it’s someone else’s turn to love this house as much as we have.

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