Mom Life

Nate at 21.5 Months!

It’s almost that time again! We’re just around the corner from your second birthday. It’s still surreal to me that you’re going to be turning two! Some days it feels like you’re still my itty bitty baby and then there’s others where I swear you’re already a teenager. You’re so full of light and personality. You make my heart smile every minute of every day. Here’s a little glimpse into who you are at almost 22 months…

You love bath time but HATE having your hair washed.

You can say Mama, Daddy, cat, doggie, on, stuck, uh-oh, oh no, oh man, book, one step, duck, all gone, all done, pretty, ball, and up

You know how to put on your shoes and you like to help Mommy and Daddy put ours on as well.

You like to help put the laundry in the dryer and help put the dishes away when they’re done in the dish washer.

You love being outside at the park.

You’re pretty fearless when it comes to playing. You’ll spend more time on the ‘big kids’ playground than the toddler one.

You need to test out every possible swing at the playground. One just isn’t enough for you.

You favourite game is still to roll all your balls up and down the hardwood floors.

You’ve started laughing when something funny happens on T.V..

You absolutely LOVE Thomas the Train and Bob the Builder. You’d watch those shows non-stop if you could.

You’re pretty well behaved for the most part but you do have your moments where you don’t want to listen.

You hate diaper changes. You wiggle and squirm and cry until it’s over.

You’re an excellent napper. You usually have a 2-3 hour nap every day.

You aren’t a big eater. You like to snack throughout the day. Typically, you’ll only eat breakfast and then snack all the way up until dinner.

You love being read to. You often pick out the same books over and over again.

You love giving hugs and kisses, especially to your little friends.

You have the cutest blond curls ever! And after they’re washed they become the perfect little ringlets at the back of your head.

You’re so gentle with kids smaller than you. You love having play dates and get along wonderfully with other little boys.

You only seem to bite Mommy and Daddy nowadays. I guess that’s better than biting other people/kids.

You like to point to light switches or candles and say “on” telling Mommy to either turn the light on for you or light the candles in the living room.

You love to clap your hands and dance.

You have 11 teeth with one currently coming through and three others that appear to be just cutting the gums.

You absolutely love Goldfish crackers and Bear Paw cereal bars.

You love to laugh and make other people laugh along with you.

One of your favourite games is to chase the poor cats around the house.

You’re growing up so fast I can hardly believe that you were ever a new born baby! I watch videos of you from when you were 1-2 months old and it’s so hard to imagine that it wasn’t several years ago. You’re growing into such a loving and happy boy. I can’t wait to celebrate your birthday this year since I know you’re at the age where you’re starting to understand holidays and events. You’re such a perfect little boy and we just love you to bits my sweet Natey-Nate!


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