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Farewell Christmas

Wow! It’s hard to imagine that after all that build-up towards Christmas, it’s finally over! No more Christmas specials on TV, no more last minute trips to the mall looking for the ‘perfect gift’, no more binge-eating non-calorie counting dinners. I find myself looking back at the last few days and not being able to piece together which memory is from which day. We were so incredibly busy this year and had several family get-togethers happening back to back to back to back, that it’s a little hard to remember everything that happened. Who got Nate what? What was severed at each event? Who attended? Were we there last year? What even happened at so and so’s house last year? So much to think about! I’m extremely grateful I’ve had the last few days off to recover. I am completely drained of all possible energy I had prior to the holidays.

I find every year there’s this massive anticipation for Christmas. For me, it usually started mid November. I like to enjoy the aftermath of Halloween before thinking about winter’s impending arrival. But once November 15th (ish) hits, I’m all about the build-up for Christmas. It usually occurs after I’ve consumed my first holiday drink of the season. Once that happens, WATCH OUT! I go into full-on Christmas mode! I was really excited for this year especially because Nate is at the age where he’s starting to understand the holidays. Sure, Santa terrifies him and he definitely does not understand how the reindeer fly but he does get the small things. I’ve heard him repeat ” Ho, Ho, Ho” during Arthur Christmas and he definitely loved watching the Polar Express with me so seeing how far he’s come in a year gives me all these emotions in regards to next year.

Christmas this year was a crazy, overwhelming, tiring, whirlwind of emotions. From me having to work from 7pm on the 24th to finishing at 7am on Christmas morning, to all the travelling we did between all our families, to having to assemble the new toys then breaking down and throwing out dozens and dozens of boxers and bags, I’m surprised we’re still standing! This was without a doubt the busiest we’ve been. I guess that’s what happens when you become a parent. Everyone in our families wanted a chance to see Nate over the holidays (I mean, who could blame them really?) and we tried our absolute best to ensure no one was left out but let me tell you, spending Christmas on a beach next year with a drink in hand seems pretty appealing right now….ha! just kidding!….or am I?

But honestly, this year Nate was so incredibly spoiled. Between us, Santa, and our families, there’s probably a good chance we’re going to need to move into an even bigger house! I swear Christmas Day night I spent like 2-3 hours cleaning out every old toy he has and putting them away into storage so we could have the slightest bit of room for all his new items he received. It’s funny seeing how much his love of certain toys has changed even in the last few days. He’s been obsessed with trains and trucks for months now but within the span of a week it’s all about cars and of course, Paw Patrol! He received so many various Paw Patrol items that I honestly couldn’t tell you who got him what. He carts his stuffed Chase around the house and cries if he forgets one out of the eight Paw Patrol cars he owns.

I should also mention that Nate wasn’t the only one who was spoiled this year. I, myself, received some really thoughtful and wonderful gifts from not only Kurt but my family as well. This has definitely been a Christmas and Holiday season to remember. I honestly cannot believe that in a few short days we’ll be welcoming in a new year! It’s hard to imagine what 2017 has in store for us but I hope it’s as good as 2016 has been to us.

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