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Gender Reveal! It’s a….

Yep! You read that right; it’s another baby boy!! Kurt, Nate, and I found out on Wednesday that we’re adding more testosterone to our household! Poor Miss Stella-Cat and I are going to be outnumbered 5-2! What are we girls gonna do?! Haha 😉

But seriously we are so thrilled with this news. Truth be told it would not have mattered to me what it was either way but I think Kurt was definitely hoping we were having another boy. Almost everyone I spoke to- including myself and excluding Kurt- believed we were having a girl so when the tech brought the screen up to in between little baby’s legs I was almost laughing when she asked me “what do you think?” I don’t even think she’d gotten the whole sentence out before I said “Boy!”

It was such a sweet moment for the three of us. Getting to show Nate the ultrasound screen and explaining that it was his little baby brother is a memory I’m going to hold onto forever. I don’t think he necessarily understood what was happening but he did point and say “Baby”. As much as I was hoping we would be adding some more pink and purple to the house, I’m really excited to have another little boy. I know boys. I can handle boys. Even though I am one; girls are a totally different ball game to me. Plus, we can literally re-use everything we already have. I mean, I know ‘baby toys’ are basically gender neutral but in terms of clothes and ‘big boy’ toys, we’ve got that all covered!

Now comes the wondering part… What will he look like? Will he be as cute as Nate was/is? (not that it really matters but Nate was freakin’ adorable as a newborn) Will he have the same or different personality as Nate? Will he also be a colicky baby? Are we in for another nine weeks of hell after his birth? Is Nate going to be jealous? Will he be helpful or will he resent the baby?

So. Many. Questions.

But we don’t have that much longer to find out! It’s crazy to realize that I was officially half way through my pregnancy yesterday. 20 weeks down, 20 more to go!

I think now that I know what we’re having, I’ll start bonding and enjoying this pregnancy a lot more than I have been. Not that it’s been a ‘bad’ pregnancy or anything. We’ve just had so much stress because of issues with our new house and adjusting to working full time has been a challenge. I’m also quite the pessimist and because I haven’t felt as much movements with this baby as I did with Nate, it’s constantly in my head that something is wrong. I’ve been assured by numerous friends that they also had ‘lazy babies’ so it’s eased my mind a bit but it wasn’t until they told me that it was a “perfect ultrasound” that I’ve finally let my guard down and realized that I need to enjoy this second half of my pregnancy.

Another boy.

I’m still in shock!

Here’s a few pics we took of our proud Nate in his new role as Big Brother!

*It’s A Boy banner picture property of Pinterest*

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