Mom Life

23 Week Bump Update

Due date: Still measuring for the original due date of July 27th 2017

Baby is the size of a: Pomegranate

Gender: Boy!

Currently measuring: Exactly 23 weeks tomorrow

Any new cravings: Ginger-ale, lemonade, and basically anything chocolate sounds good to me right now!

Name: I think we’ve decided on Eli Thomas Bellamy

Feeling lots of movements: Yes! Baby boy is always very active early in the mornings and late at night. Hopefully this isn’t some sort of ‘sign’ of what’s to come! I typically feel him moving on my right lower abdomen and his kicks, punches, and head butts are becoming stronger and stronger.

Currently feeling: Large! I don’t think I’ve gotten much bigger since 20 weeks but I am finding it harder and harder to bend forward when sitting down and trying to get socks on is starting to prove to be a bit of a challenge.

Any new pregnancy symptoms: Nope, I’m feeling pretty much the same! Headaches have started to let up a bit and (knock on wood) I haven’t started experiencing pregnancy insomnia like I did around this time with Nate.

Nursery ideas: I think we’re pretty much going to do the same sort of nursery we did for Nate for this baby as well. Nate is all set up in his new ‘Big Boy’ room so we have a lot of art work, decorations, and bedding still from his nursery in our old house. Everything is in excellent good condition and I really loved the woodland themed nursery we had done for him. This baby’s room will be slightly different in terms of paint colour and any wall stickers we might put up but I really want to reuse a lot of what we already have since it’s only two years old and it’ll help us save some money.

20 week bump picture!

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