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The Boy’s Rooms

I’ll be the first to admit that I am absolutely a sucker when it comes to nurseries and kid’s bedrooms. I love imagining and creating rooms for tiny humans; something about it just brings me joy and happiness. Nate’s nursery will forever be one of my all time favourite rooms in any house we ever live in. It was just such a drastic change from where it started to how it looked when it was all finally finished. I remember being pregnant and as soon as we started progress on the nursery, I would find myself sitting in there several times a day envisioning what it would look like when all was said and done and how I would feel being in there holding a tiny, newborn baby boy. When we moved from our old house this past October, I was on the verge of tears when I stood in his completely empty room. It was the hardest part of the house to say good-bye to and even now when I think about it, knowing what memories we shared in that space still makes me a little watery eyed.

Because of how important I felt that Nate’s nursery was to us, I knew that for his new ‘Big Boy’ room and any future nurseries we may have needed, I wanted to make sure that they were just as thoughtful and special. We left his room pretty much a blank slate when we first moved into our new house. It didn’t make sense to start decorating it with all his old bedding and art work because (as much as I hate it admit it) he’s growing up and I wanted to see his new room reflect what he’s into now as opposed to what I had picked out for him before he was even born.

After finding a toddler sized Paw Patrol bed and knowing Nate’s love *cough obsession cough* of the show, that was the theme we settled on. It worked out quite well timing wise too because we knew the sooner we got him settled into his big boy room, the sooner we could start to work on the nursery. It took roughly three sets of 30+ stickers to cover all the walls and a good hour or two positioning and re-positioning them for me to feel satisfied with how his room looked. Next was finding Nate a new dresser since the one he currently had was meant to go along with the crib. I spent months looking online and in stores for something that interested me. I didn’t want to buy him something from the nursery section but I also did not want to have to spend an arm and a leg so that made my search much harder. Thankfully, I scored huge when I found this fabulous dresser being sold “as is” in the Brick. There were two or three tiny dings in it but nothing that would warrant such a drastic price drop in my opinion but that’s the beauty of buying the floor model! Once Kurt and my step-dad got it set up in Nate’s room (it was a doozy getting it into the house and up the stairs that’s for sure!) I decided it was time to move the rocker out and into the new baby’s room. Normally, this would have made me cry for sure thinking about how many times Nate and I rocked or read stories together in that chair but in this instance, it was being replaced by a piece far more sentimental and valuable. Kurt’s grandmother passed away in March and we were left with her old rocking chair, knowing that I wanted to keep some sort of chair in Nate’s room, I decided that this was the perfect spot for this cherished item. I simply just replaced the cushions with ones that matched the colour scheme and it fit right in. It’s peaceful knowing she’s there watching over him.

Good ol’ Ari cat always needs to be in the centre of everything!

Just need to get some sort of foot rest for the rocking chair and it’s all set!

See what I mean!? Drastic price drop and you probably can’t even tell where the little marks are can you?

Part of me feels a little bit guilty because poor baby Eli is getting almost everything handed down to him from his big bro but it’s all in such good condition still that to go out and buy everything brand new seems like a waste of money to me. Plus it’s not like Eli will know either way! However; I have been trying to buy small things here and there to make the room his own. A few new storage bins for toys, some new artwork on the walls, and a couple of new outfits for the little guy has me feeling a tad less ashamed 😉 Kurt set the crib up for me a few weeks ago so since then I’ve been slowly piecing together the finishing touches. After arranging and rearranging the furniture at least six times in the past week, I think I finally have everything right where I want it. I went out and bought some new wall art and wall stickers to bring a bit more life to the room. Because we aren’t painting any rooms until after our one year mark in the house, I wanted something interesting on the walls other than just pictures. And since I’m a huge sucker for trees in nurseries, these felt like the perfect choice! It’s hard to believe that in roughly 10 more weeks, there will be another tiny human living with us and enjoying this room!

Just need to get some window coverings and it’s all ready for baby boy to come home to!

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