Mom Life

36 Week Bump Update

^^^Picture taken at 35 weeks and 6 days. Also, note how low baby is! Eek!!

Currently measuring? 36 weeks 1 day

Baby is the size of a? Coconut

Is the baby head down? We’re actually not sure what position he’s in at this exact moment. At my appointment on Wednesday the nurse as well as my OB weren’t entirely sure if they were feeling a bum or a head up by my ribs. The baby’s heart beat was definitely louder the higher up my abdomen the nurse went so it’s hard to say. I have an ultrasound booked for two weeks from now to determine his position. This happened around 35 weeks with Nate as well but when I had the ultrasound around 36 and a half weeks he had possibly flipped because his head was fully down.

Lots of movements? I’d say he’s definitely awake and most active in the morning and later on in the evenings. It seems he likes to take long naps in the afternoon because that’s when the movements seem to quiet down for a little bit.

Currently feeling? Very anxious. I remember being pregnant with Nate and around 35 weeks I started becoming extremely anxious about his arrival. I just wanted him out and safe in my arms. I guess the thought of delivering and knowing there are still risks made me worry and stress out a bit. It’s been the same with this pregnancy as well. I just want to be off of work and at home full time with Nate so we can have some one on one time before the baby comes. But on the other hand, I’m anxious about the delivery again especially if he is head up so all in all I’m just a big mess of nerves at this moment.

Braxton Hicks? Yes, I’ve been experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions on and off since about 28 weeks. Typically, they come if I’m driving somewhere far because I’m sitting in the same position for more than a few minutes or occasionally they’ll come at night when I’m relaxing on the couch or in bed. They only last a few minutes at most but they’re definitely starting to feel stronger.

How big is the baby? I’m not sure if there is ever a totally accurate way to measure how big a baby is in utero because there’s so many factors involved but when the nurse took my belly measurement I did hear her say 37 cm. I’m really not sure what that would translate to in terms of weight or whatever but I know they say you should measure roughly how many weeks along you are with a variation of 3cm when you’re past 35 weeks. But considering Nate was 8 lbs 6 oz when he was born, I think it’s safe to say we’re going to have another big baby.

Any new symptoms? I’ve been experiencing legs cramps at night for the past week or two which really suck! I literally have to massage my calves briefly after I change positions in bed otherwise they cramp up so bad I can’t even move. I’ve also been having more and more difficulty sleeping straight through the night. I’ve had to get up to pee at least once during the night since about 28 weeks but now on top of needing to pee, it’s hard to find (or stay in) one comfortable position. I’m usually all over the place trying to figure out where I can stay for at least an hour or two.

How much longer at work? I only have a total of four shifts left! Yay!! Three at the long-term care home and one at the hospital. My last official day of work is Friday July 7th! 🙂

Anything left to be done? Besides setting up the playpen and installing the car seat we’re all set! I packed my hospital bag last week and made sure we’ve stocked up on supplies (pads, nursing pads, diapers) so I think we’re pretty much set for the new arrival!

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