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37.5 Week Bump Update

How much longer? T minus 17 days and counting! Crazy to think that in 17 days I’ll be at my official due date! Where did the last nine months go? Wasn’t Christmas just yesterday? And wasn’t it just a month ago when I was anxiously starring at a white stick on my bathroom floor slowing watching two pink lines appear? Every year I swear time speeds up a little bit faster but honestly these past nine months have whizzed by so quickly that I’m positive I’ll wake up and this will all have been some kind of crazy dream.

Baby is the size of a? Leek apparently? At least that’s what the app on my phone tells me. If you ask me however; baby is the size of a two year old because I feel massive and I’m pretty sure he’s running out of room in there because every time he moves, it feels like he’s trying to bust out of my stomach Alien style.

Movements? This baby has become so active in the past few days it’s unreal. For a while he would mostly be active first thing in the morning and then again late at night but this past week it seems like all he’s doing is squirming around and trying to get as comfortable as possible. Poor little guy definitely wants some more space!

Feeling? Very anxious about the impending delivery. It’s not so much the labour I’m concerned about it’s more of the fact that now we live about 35 minutes away from the hospital I’m delivering at and part of me is convinced that my water is going to break during work hours when Kurt won’t be home and I’ll have no one super close to me to drive me to the hospital and take care of Nate. So fingers crossed that does not happen!!

Any new symptoms? It’s a little late in my pregnancy for any new symptoms to be occurring but I can definitely say that this heat is now causing my feet and hands to swell. When I was pregnant with Nate, I went through the summer being six to seven months pregnant and I remember that being so rough when my feet started to swell but thankfully I wasn’t so massive at that point that it really bothered me (ie shoes still fit but were a little snug) however; this time around I’m nine months pregnant and it’s gotten so warm and muggy that I literally cannot fit shoes onto my feet now and I constantly feel like I need to crack my knuckles because they’re so stiff and sore. 17 days left Carly, 17 days left!

Any contractions? I’ve been having Braxton Hicks contractions on and off for quite a while but now the contractions I’m periodically having definitely feel stronger and last much longer.

Birth plan? I don’t really believe in the whole birth plan strategy. I figure nothing (especially labour) ever goes according to plan and I’ve witnessed enough births to see the effects of having a birth plan fail the mother that I’d rather just ‘go with the flow’. Of course I have some things that are very important to me (skin to skin immediately following birth, delayed cord clamping, breast feeding as soon as possible) but other than that I just want to ‘be’ in the experience of labour. I’d love to try and go natural again but if I get to a point where I just can’t handle it any more then of course I’m open to en epidural. I’d also love to try and avoid a c-section if possible but again if things are out of my hands and the situation calls for it, then so be it.

Hospital stay? This may sound funny because I know most people want to be out of the hospital soon as possible, especially after the birth of their second baby but I think I’m kind of the opposite. I would rather stay for at least one full day because I’m super paranoid of bleeding after birth. I swear I’ve had nightmares about bleeding out before. Morbid I know! So if I can, I’d rather be monitored for at least 24 hours because I know once I get home, I’m going to over analyze everything and I’ll be 35 minutes away from my hospital.

Anything left to be done? I actually think we’re pretty much all set for our new arrival! Kurt just has to install the car seat and set up the play pen in our room but otherwise, I really don’t think we need to do anything else. Thankfully, I’m officially off work now so if something does come up last minute, I’m home to take care of it.

How’s Nate? I don’t think he necessarily completely understands what is happening in terms of the baby so I hope he’ll be fine once the baby is home. I mean, when you ask him where is the baby or where is ‘the boy’, he points to my belly so he does understand there’s something in there but I don’t think he gets that a living, breathing human being is going to be coming home and staying with us forever. Nate is so used to being the only child and only grandchild on my side of the family so it will definitely be an adjustment for him but he’s such a sweet and loving kid that I’m really hopeful he’ll be fine with the new baby.

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