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The Boy Who Made Me a Mom

To my sweet, wonderful Natey-Nate,

As my due date with your little brother approaches, I’ve found myself reliving your first (almost) three years of life with us. In this short time you have changed me for the better. You’ve taught me how to love unconditionally, what it means to put someone else’s needs before my own, and that I’m capable of so much more than I ever thought possible. You’ve provided me with an overwhelming sense of strength and devotion that I didn’t know I had. The fierce love I have for you is something no one could ever take away. From the first moment I felt you move inside me, I knew I would do absolutely anything for you no matter what. When they placed you on my chest for the first time and I got to touch your tiny hands and kiss your tiny face, I knew you would have my whole heart for the rest of my life.

Even though I am beyond excited to welcome your baby brother into this world, I’ll be the first to admit that in some aspects it does terrify me. How could I possibly love another like I love you? How will I be able to give you the attention and one-on-one time that you’ve always had? How will the addition of another affect our relationship? The selfish part of me doesn’t want you to have to ‘share’ me. It doesn’t want admit that although our relationship may have to adjust for a short time, our bond is stronger than anything on this Earth. It was forged the moment I saw those two pink lines appear and grew deeper and deeper with every kick, punch, and head butt you gave me. It was solidified in all those shared naps, couch snuggles, middle of the night feedings, and every waking moment we have shared together since.

I’m confident that you’re going to be the best big brother to our new addition. Although there is definitely going to be an adjustment period for all of us, I cannot imagine you being anything other than amazing with Eli. You have such a big heart for being so young and the love you show others is truly remarkable. I’ve never met another child that willingly gives up toys to other kids and shares so easily like you do. While you can be shy and timid at times, you’re also outgoing and have such an unbelievable personality. Your laugh is so contagious that even in my darkest moments, all I have to do is picture your little face with your stunning blue eyes and toothy smile; and instantly things become brighter. You shine with everything that you do and I’m so excited to watch to teach your little brother how to be just like you.

The world is a lucky place to have you in it Nate and I’m so grateful that I get to be your Mom.

I love you. Always.


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