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Hello World!

Hello World! I’m here!

Kurt and I are so beyond excited to announce the birth of our second little angel, Eli, who was born at 8:19 am on July 21st measuring 21 inches long and weighing 6 lbs and 15 oz. We are so incredibly smitten with him already. He is just a little doll and I cannot get over how tiny he is! Nate was 8 lbs 6 oz when he was born and everyone (including myself) seemed convinced that this dude was easily going to beat his big brother’s weight but turns out, he was just good at fooling all of us while in my massive belly!

It’s hard to believe that Eli has been in our arms for one full week now! He’s already starting to show his personality and from what we’ve already experienced, he’s definitely going to have us wrapped around his teeny, tiny fingers just like his older brother. He loves to snuggle and unless you’ve cuddled him to 100% completely asleep, he will definitely wake up if he’s put down in the bassinet or swing. His favourite spot to snuggle into is the crook of your neck. He will literally push himself with his little chicken legs up your torso until he’s smushed his face into your neck and his head is safely tucked under your chin. While it’s super adorable and I love every minute of it, I do get a little paranoid when he demands his entire face be covered up. Silly boy!

Kurt and I keep joking about how we were a bit unprepared for him. I think we bought like one bag of new born diapers because we were expecting that like Nate, he’d be out of them within two weeks but when the nurses weighed him one of the first things Kurt and I said to each other was that we were going to need to go out and buy more diapers for him. I swear we also only have three or four new born sleepers, all of which are currently in the wash, so the poor boy is almost drowning in his size 0-3 month clothing! Haha! I was positive we were going to have a massive baby!! Like, I still cannot wrap my head around how small he really is. Even when I think back to Nate being brand new, he was never THIS small!

And speaking of Nate, he is being the best big brother too! He’s had a few moments where we’ve had to tell him to be gentle or careful but the majority of the time he’s been amazing with Eli. He’s always asking to hold him or he’ll bring Eli a toy over and tell me he wants Eli to have it which completely melts my hormonal heart. We’ve had a few set backs with him in terms of his potty training though and I’m not going to lie, that’s been really frustrating for us considering he was basically trained the week before Eli was born. I keep reminding not only Kurt but myself too, that this has been a MASSIVE adjustment for him. He’s always been our only child and no matter how much you try and prepare your kids for the arrival of a sibling, there’s always going to be an adjustment period. So we’ve just been trying our best to stay calm with him and remind him that he’s a big boy now and doesn’t need his baby diapers any more. I know once he settles into a new normal, he’ll be fine but until then I’m just going to marvel at how wonderful he is with his “baby brudder”.

I intend to do an entire post about Eli’s birth just like I did with Nate’s but that will have to just until we’ve all adjusted to our new life as a family of four. Thank you to everyone who messaged us with congratulations and who came to see us while in hospital. We’re so lucky to have such an amazing tribe of loving and supportive family and friends.


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