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Oh Fall, Where Are You?

So, I’m what you would call a #basicwhitegirl when it comes to Fall. I am most definitely the stereotypical girl who lives for sweater weather, chunky plaid blanket scarves, adorable boots, and pumpkin spice everything! I can’t help it. It’s in my blood. I was born a September baby and Autumn has always had a strong hold on my heart. It’s the chilly mornings, the crisp air, the bright and vibrant colours; it’s everything a season should be. There’s holidays that include giving thanks and overindulging. There’s all the Halloween festivities. There’s so many amazing outdoor activities to take part in and the weather is always at the perfect temperature to do so.

As soon as August rolls around, you can bet your butt I’m eagerly anticipating flipping my calendar over and seeing those big capital letters that read SEPTEMBER appear before my Basic White Girl eyes. For the next three glorious months I am in my zone! The house gets decorated from inside to out with all Fall-y goodness. I will play every classic Halloween movie I can get my hands on and I will definitely get my fill of pumpkin spice before December’s cold hand snatches away my favourite season once again.

There is no season that even comes close to my love of Fall. I wish it was possible to live somewhere in the world that only had the Autumn season. I suppose I would eventually miss Spring, Summer, and maybe even Winter but getting to watch the trees display their stunning colours and wrapping myself up in knit sweaters on a daily basis would help to ease those feelings of missing out on the other seasons.

I know Fall doesn’t technically start until September 22nd but I’ve been in sweater weather since the end of August when it seemed like Mother Nature was over all the sun and humidity. Imagine my disappointment when last week she decided Summer deserved a proper farewell. Ugh. Really Mother Nature? What are you doing to me!?

It’s been so freakin’ hot this past week and a half that I have literally turned our air conditioner back on almost every day! At first I thought, nah we’ll just tough it out. It’s only going to be hot for a couple of days and then the cool weather will return but nope! I just watched the forecast and it’s still going to be sweltering for the next week! It is so hot in my house that it’s actually affecting mine and Kurt’s energy levels. We both keep saying to one another “I don’t know why I’m so tired?” I mean, I know why I’m so tired (his name is Eli and he’s adorable!) BUT! I’ve gotten pretty good at functioning on little to no sleep so this past week has thrown me for a loop and all I can think is that it’s weather related because you’re never really thrown right into summer. Gradually, Spring becomes warmer and warmer and next thing you know it’s July and it’s 30+ degrees Celsius; so to go from temperatures in the high teens to all of the sudden back up into the low 30s has been a bit overwhelming.

All I want to do is visit a bunch of different farms with my boys, go apple picking, go for a hayride, jump in a pile of leaves, and pick out the perfect pumpkins. Is that too much to ask Mother Nature!? So until then, I’m just going to live vicariously through our Fall family photos from last year!


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