Mom Life

TWO Months Old!

Well, we survived another month in our household! Little Eli turned TWO months old on Thursday! I know I’m going to keep continuously saying how I cannot believe how fast time flies but it’s completely true. Every week seems to go by faster and faster and before I realize it, we’ve gone through another month. I’m having a hard enough time believing that Nate will be turning three next month, never mind that my ‘newborn’ isn’t technically newly born anymore!

I think we’re finally getting into somewhat of a daily routine which has been tremendously helpful. Typically Eli wakes up around 5:30 am to feed then again about an hour around 6:30 am. Usually after that second early morning feeding I nod off until just after 7 am when Nate seems to be waking up. At this point, Eli is snoring soundly asleep again so Nate and I will get up, play/watch the news for a little bit then he’ll eat breakfast while I drink my coffee and tidy up the house from the night before. Afterwards, Nate will typically ask for mine or Kurt’s old phones to watch a few YouTube videos. I don’t like to encourage a lot of screen time but first thing in the morning when I’m cleaning or trying to take a shower while the baby sleeps is something I can definitely support. It allows me to have a few precious moments to myself and I don’t have to listen to him whine for the next 45 minutes or so. Once I’m done whatever it is I’m doing, I’ll take the phone away from Nate which on most occasions results in a temper tantrum but he gets over it quite quickly with the threat of no phone tomorrow. I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty sweet having him at the age where he understands consequences to his actions. This is usually when Nate asks to go upstairs to the playroom while I’m waking Eli up, feeding him, and getting him ready for the day.

Our days during the week are basically a repeat of the day before but I don’t mind really. It feels nice having a constant routine down and it makes for the days where I decide we need to have a morning at the park or the weekends when Kurt is home all the more fun because it’s something out of the ‘norm’ for us. I’m really a creature of habit to be honest so once I get myself into a steady routine, it’s a little hard to break. But I’m absolutely loving being at home with my boys. Working two part time nursing jobs often leads me to being scheduled every weekend so there have been times where Kurt and I don’t really get to see one another on weekends when he’s off. Family life versus work life has always been something I’ve struggled with so having an entire year off with all my boys is the best blessing for me. We’ve been able to do something fun with Nate almost every weekend so far and in two weeks we’ll be heading to Boston with my dad and step-mom. I’m so excited for this little mini vacation and for all the wonderful weeks of maternity leave a head. There’s been days that I’ve sworn both boys were against me and I’ve ended the day feeling defeated and broken but I wouldn’t trade the time with them for anything else in the world. These past two months have filled my heart so much it feels like it might burst!


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