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Road Trip Packing For a Toddler and Infant

I tend to think of myself as an over-packer for trips. I literally will pack outfits I know I haven’t worn in months but because we’re going on a vacation or getaway for some reason they HAVE to be packed in my suitcase. I do it for everyone. Myself, Kurt, Nate, and now obviously Eli. It’s like my brain cannot logically think straight when I’m packing. Kurt will pull out what he’s bringing and I’ll almost always add two or three more items of clothing to his suitcase because “What if he wants the striped shirt instead of the blue one?” It’s bad. Thankfully, we’ve never flown anywhere because I’m positive my suitcase would weigh as much as the plane itself! Haha

We leave for Boston in T-minus two days and counting and I’m so excited! Our last weekend family getaway was to New York in April so we’re definitely due for some fun family time. We decided on Boston because Kurt applied and was chosen to run in the Boston Half Marathon which is on Sunday. Boston has always been somewhere we’ve wanted to visit; Kurt especially since he’s an avid runner and huge Boston Red Sox fan. Me? I just like to travel so anywhere we go is fine by me! We invited my dad and step-mom along since we haven’t vacationed with them before and it will be a huge help to have extra hands with two small kids with us.

I started packing for the boys yesterday and I’m crossing every body part possible that they’ll both be good on the drive there and back. Nate was amazing when we drove to New York. I seriously still cannot believe how perfect he was being strapped in the car seat for almost ten hours at two and a half years old. On the way there, he took three naps, played on his Leap Frog, starred out the window, and snacked on and off and then on the way back, he stayed awake the entire drive but not once did he fuss or complain. He was a dream! It’s crazy that he’s not even three years old yet but he’s been on soon-to-be three long road trips. Lucky boy!

On the weekend I started compiling a mental list of what I wanted to pack for both boys and since the weather cannot make up its mind, I definitely over-packed…again! But in my defense, it is hard packing for a three year old who on the (very) rare occasion still has an accident or two and a two month old infant who has a tendency to have a few explosive diapers. Here’s what I’ve packed for the boys…

For Eli:

Five long sleeve onesies

Three short sleeve onesies

Six pairs of pants

Three sleepers

One sweater/jacket

A couple pairs of socks

Two beanie hats

Two swaddle blankets

A bunch of diapers

A pack of travel wipes

My Maman Kangourou Stretchy Wrap for baby-wearing

Two hanging car seat rattles

*Not pictured*:

car seat


baby carrier

For Nate:

Four long sleeved shirts

Two short sleeved shirts

Two pairs of pants (plus the pair he’ll be wearing on the drive down and I might toss in another pair in my suitcase for him)

Two pairs of shorts

Six pairs of underwear

Three pairs of socks

Four pull-ups (for bedtime only)

Two pairs of pajamas

A belt because he’s too skinny for all his pants

*Not pictured*

car seat

portable potty seat


Leap Frog

A few cars and trains

Paw Patrol no mess colouring book

Melissa and Doug Water Wow colouring book

Head phones

I packed all the diapers and wipes into the zip-up section of Nate’s Paw Patrol suitcase and then since Eli’s clothes are so small, I just packed them into my suitcase which worked out nicely and still allows me plenty of room to over-pack for myself!

And then this morning I packed our travel snacks which I know seems odd packing two days before we leave but Eli gave me a few quite moments this morning and tomorrow I’ll be busy ensuring everything else gets done; like packing our suitcases, loading the truck, checking and double checking our Air BnB resverations, checking and double checking the directions, going over our itinerary, getting both boys bathed, and making sure everything is all good for our three cats.

Here’s a look at our goodies!!

Now anyone who knows Nate, knows he’s not a big eater. I talk about it ALL the time. He’s typically good for breakfast and usually does well at one other meal but if he eats well at lunch, he won’t eat dinner or vice versa. He’s pretty picky too so in his two years of eating completely solid food, I’ve learned to pick my battles with him. He’s more of a snacker. He likes to graze on items throughout the day instead of being force-fed three full meals and I’ve had to accept that. It’s just who he is so in order to get as many calories into him (because he’s crazy skinny but 100% healthy) I chose to pack items I know he loves and then just hope he eats at least one or two healthier items when we stop for lunch or dinner.

So far I’ve packed:

A few boxes of raisins for Nate (his favourite)

A few Bear Paw snacks

Two kinds of Goldfish (Cheddar and Pretzel)

A couple different granola bars

A few Bulk Barn gummies

Drinks for all of us

A few bottles of formula for Eli just in case we can’t continuously stop for me to breastfeed him


And bottles, travel bowls, and travel cups

Jeeze! Packing for kids can be intense! Wish us all luck! The good thing about my parents coming too is the fact that they also have a car seat for Nate so if one or God forbid BOTH boys aren’t handling the drive well, they can at least take Nate with them for a bit. But fingers crossed it all goes smoothly!!

See ya soon Boston!



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