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Eli At Three Months Old!

I’m trying not to think about the fact that this little dude is an entire three months old as of Saturday because it kind of makes me want to cry. It’s unfair just how short the newborn stage is. One day you’re snuggling your itty, bitty brand new baby and then BAM; you’re struggling to carry your three month little chunker around in his car seat. Eli really has been a dream baby though. I mean yes, he does fuss a lot usually in the evenings but for the most part he is a pretty content little guy. I wouldn’t say it’s been night and day difference between him and Nate but Nate was definitely harder to handle in his first three months of life. I mean, I was also a first time mom and adjusting to that with a colicky baby would make anyone crazy and even though there have been times with Eli that I’ve thought I couldn’t handle any more of his crying; I have found that I’m more relaxed this time around.

So what’s Eli like now at three months old? Well….

He loves being snuggled still and will sleep best if he’s with swaddled tightly or in someone’s arms

He’s realized he does enjoy bath time and got to go into the big boy bath tub the other day (he’s still unsure how he feels about that though)

Definitely a good eater and still likes to ‘chug’ while he’s feeding

Will take a bottle without fussing (even if I’m the one holding it) if it’s needed

Thinks his big brother is the best person in the world

Gives the cutest, gummiest smiles and loves to laugh

Has started cooing and making other adorable baby noises

Discovered his hands recently and loves chewing/sucking on them

Doesn’t really enjoy tummy time even though it’s important

Loves to make direct eye with you if you’re holding him and he’s farting/pooping

Likes to ‘hop’ away when he’s having his bum changed (he pushes his heels in to the floor and lifts up his bum and literally hops up the floor away from you)

Took his two month needles like a champ

Still loves to snuggle/cuddle with me, however; he can’t really fit into the crook of my neck any more

Has the cutest his arm and legs rolls

Doesn’t mind being left in his swing for a bit as long as it’s on ‘full blast’

Has the sweetest little personality and desposition

He has just been the biggest joy to our family these past three months


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