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New Year’s Resolutions

It’s still acceptable to post your New Year’s Resolutions a week after New Year’s right?… I’m not one to really make resolutions for myself every year because let’s face it, by the end of January the vast majority of people have already broken or forgotten about the things they wanted to do or change about themselves anyways. This year, however; I decided that maybe it was time I start making resolutions or rather, goals for myself and no, I don’t mean I’m going to drop ten pounds or start eating healthier because let’s face it, it’s winter and frigid outside and I’d rather carb load than deprive myself anyways. No, the goals I want to set for myself I feel like are more reasonable (ie I might actually be able to accomplish them šŸ˜‰ ).

1.) Make more time for family fun. I find that during the week both boys are so busy that I tend to leave all my housework/chores until the weekend but those are Kurt’s only two days off so instead of spending all weekend cleaning, I’d like to spend the weekends doing fun family activities. Eventually, I’ll be going back to work and being a nurse means working weekends so I want to try to pack in as much as we can in the six months off I have left.

2.) Take more photos. If you’d look at my phone you’d think I’m crazy because it’s FULL of pictures but they aren’t really the types of photos I mean. I want to start trying to capture more candid moments. Instead of posing the boys in matching sweaters on the floor acting like they just HAPPENED to be wearing the EXACT SAME OUTFIT ON THE SAME DAY (regardless of how adorable they might look), I want to capture the memories and moments of them interacting with one another or with us. I don’t want the ‘perfectly posed’ photos, I want the messy, blurry, chaotic real photos of our perfectly, imperfect life.

3.) Maintain a better diet. Haha, no not for me because carbs, but for Nate. I swear he is the pickiest eater alive. He gives me at my worst eater days a run for my money. I honestly don’t remember the last green vegetable he WILLINGLY ate. We’ve been giving him a multi vitamin since he was two years old because we know he’s not getting all the vitamins and minerals he needs normally in his diet. I’m guilty of just feeding him a PB&J sandwich for dinner because I know he won’t eat whatever I’ve made him. I’m guilty of giving him just Goldfish crackers for lunch because he literally refuses EVERYTHING else other than sweets. I’m guilty of just not trying enough to set a better example for him. I know he’s at the age in his life where he’s just picky and I hear it from tons of my friends with children around his age but I, myself, want to do better for him. I’m trying to give him daily smoothies where I blend in spinach and kale among other fruits and proteins in hopes of improving his palate. We (he and I) have been doing pretty good so far with this trend thanks to our new Magic Bullet so here’s hoping we can continue this trend.

4.) Work on promoting and expanding my small business more. So back in September, I started creating teething accessories for babies as well as nursing necklaces for moms and sensory necklaces for children. It began as a small hobby that I thought maybe I could earn some extra cash on the side doing, but slowly I’m finding myself more and more emotionally involved in this hobby. I love making things. I love getting sent pictures of babies and moms enjoying my products. I love that I have found something for me. Kurt has his running and now I have this. For so long, I’ve been wanting something for me; to have something that I love as much as Kurt loves to run, and once I started making a few sales, I knew I would be hooked. My goal for 2018 is to start stocking specific designs of my items as well as to apply for vendor shows and try to get my items into some storefronts in and around my hometown.

5.) Ask for help and take help when it’s offered to me. I think a lot of us try to be picture of perfection. Whether it’s in our profession, at home, with friends, or on social media. We all seem to strive for that image that we have it all. In November, I wrote a post about how I felt like I was struggling with the boys. Stress was just building up and up and a few times I felt like I was drowning in this whole motherhood thing. I LOVE my boys and I wouldn’t trade them for anything in this world but some days are hard, plain and simple. So instead of thinking that I can handle everything on my own, when things get hard or I need a break (because we all do at some point) I’m not going to punish myself or feel guilty for asking or taking help when it’s offered to me.

6.) Drink more water. That one is pretty self explanatory. I literally do not drink enough water in a day. Does anyone though?

So, there they are. My 2018 goals. It would be wonderful if in June I could post saying I’ve managed to follow through with all of these but I feel like that’s setting myself up for failure so instead, I’ll say I want to still be meeting at least three of these goals!

4 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Awesome goals and pff its only day 6 girl… As long as its achieved you can make a resolution any day! Even Dec 31st .. I find those ones easiest to accomplish;)

    Thats crazy about your little guy being so picky! I often wonder if Levi will be like that and take after his dad. You should try some plant based foods that he wont think are veggies! Like a carrot & cauliflower mac and cheese or avacado fries and bean burgers! Theres so many cool ideas to sneak in all the nutrients.

    As for drinking water im with you on that one!!! I have replaced water with coffee sense becoming a mum.
    Last, im super excited to try your products and help you promote (im happy to see this was a resolution of yours!! Xoxo) woot woot!
    Happy New Year!

    Brooklyn xo


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