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Saturday Shop Share!

Well another small business Saturday is upon us and this month’s features are those who are going to be at a local vendor show on Sunday! I think it’s so cool to see just how big these artisan, handmade vendor shows are becoming! It seems like more and more people are jumping onto the small business bandwagon and I for one, am so grateful for it. As I’ve said before, I’ve been obsessed with shopping small since Nate was a baby and seeing some of my favourite shops blossom into booming businesses has been so amazing to watch!

*Photo property of Wiggly Feet* 

Wiggly Feet was created in 2015 by new mom Jade who was looking for comfortable, stylish, and affordable (!!) footwear options for her baby girl. The idea was simple, use breathable cotton fabrics to create adorable booties that would also stay onto little ankles and thus Wiggly Feet was born! In the three years that Wiggly Feet has been open, their shop has expanded and grown to include more and more apparel and accessories for little ones and parents to enjoy! From the booties they’re known for (in simple or bold patterns), to adorable shirts and onesies, to even a few uniquely designed cards, you’re bound to find something you love! I just can’t get over how adorable these little booties are! Can they come in adult size too? You can get in touch with Wiggly Feet on their web page, Facebook, or Instagram accounts!

*Photo Property of Sweet EverGray Baby*

Sweet EverGray Baby was born out of a grandma’s love for creating her grand babies nursery bedding. Founded in 2015, this shop creates adorable and personalized baby blankets that you and your little one will love for years and years to come. Using beautiful fabrics backed with wonderfully soft minky fabric, these blankets are the perfect snuggly addition to any baby’s nursery! Sweet EverGray uses so many different fabric options that you’ll have no trouble at all finding something that matches your nursery decor or inspires a theme idea for your little one to come home to! You can also have your blanket embroidered with cute sayings like this one pictured above or personalized with your baby’s name or birth date. Sweet EverGray Baby can be found on Facebook and Instagram!

*Photo Property of Foxy Headwraps*

I had the pleasure of meeting Christine at the vendor show I did back in February and immediately I was hooked on her designs. Not only are her headbands and bows adorable but the way she sets up her table space at vendor shows is also swoon worthy. As a newbie to this whole ‘maker thing’ I try to draw inspiration from others around me and I was most definitely inspired by these amazing creations! Although I adore being a boy mom, if I ever had a baby girl, I would for sure deck her out in these stylish and trendy bow headbands and floral pompom beanies! Every time Christine posts a picture of a little girl sporting one of her massive bow headbands, my heart skips a beat! They are honestly THE CUTEST headbands I’ve ever seen! But don’t think she’s just about girl items! No, Foxy Headwraps also reps baby boys with some super cute and trendy bow tie options and you can never go wrong with a good baby in a bow tie picture! Foxy Headwraps is on Facebook and Instagram! Make sure you go check Christine’s shop out! I promise you won’t be disappointed!

*Photo Property of Dapper Jacks*

Dapper Jacks was one of the first local small businesses I started following back when Nate was a baby. Being Toronto based, I have loved watching this shop grow and expanded into a sucessful business with over 10K followers on Instagram!! That’s a HUGE accomplishment if you ask me! Meagan creates hip and trendy apparel for babies, toddlers, and kids including beanies, raglans, harem pants, leggings, and so much more! Her Instagram account chalk full of adorable littles just goes to show how much people love her items! I mean, just look at those mushroom harems! They are so fun and different! I swear I’ve never seen half the fabrics that Dapper Jacks uses which means your little one will have something totally unique and one-of-a-kind! I could lose an entire afternoon just looking at her accounts! You can find Dapper Jacks on Facebook and Instagram as well as their Etsy shop!

*Photo Property of Little Luckies*

The little girl in me is IN LOVE with Little Luckies dolls and for good reason too; this shop is just incredible! Handmade with love, these dolls are not only stunning to look at, they also convey a valuable lesson; no matter your hair colour or skin colour, you are beautiful! It’s so nice to see a shop creating dolls for every little girl to enjoy! Sue only uses the very best supplies for her Heirloom dolls such as, premium quilting cotton, super soft Minky fabric, hypoallergenic stuffing, non toxic paints, wool or wool blend for their hair, and wool blend for the felt flowers. Watching videos of Sue creating this works of art is also mesmerizing! It’s amazing to watch the time and detail that go into creating these works of art! From dolls like these pictured above, to dolls like Anne of Green Gables or Wednesday Addams, to custom dolls specifically created for your little one in mind, Sue does it all! And let’s not forget about little boys because they can like dolls too! Sue also creates boy versions for your son (or daughter) to also enjoy! Little Luckies is on Facebook and Instagram or you can take a peek at their web page!

 *Photo Property of Violet Ivy Handmade*

Continuing the trend of ‘if I had a little girl…’ you can bet your ass that I would be ordering ALL the gorgeous pieces that Violet Ivy Handmade creates! Seriously, staring at her feeds gives me all the feels! What started out as a hobby a few years back for Rebecca, has now blossomed into a beautiful small business. Violet Ivy Handmade’s floral crowns are something you would see being worn by a princess in a Disney film! They are just beautiful! Every one of them! They are the perfect prop for any whimsical photo shoot or to adorn your precious little bundle of joy in for their newborn pictures! The ideas are limitless for these works of art! I’m not a super emotional person normally but holy heck I want to cry when I see the photos of moms to be wearing elegant dresses and a floral crown perched upon their head. Seriously, I’m not even kidding; these items are STUNNING! And don’t even get me started on the floral crib mobile. Omg. We’ll be here for days… Trust me. You NEED Violet Ivy Handmade IN YOU LIFE! Check her out on Facebook and Instagram!… NOW!!!! (just kidding read the rest below then go!)

*Photo Property of Crazy B Stitchin*

Nothing says using your imagination like becoming your favourite superhero or cartoon character and thanks to Crazy B Stitchin, you’re little one can wear a mask that actually makes them look like who’s they’re pretending to be! Brianne is a mom of two and the maker behind this imaginative brand! No matter what show or character or animal your child loves, Brianne will definitely have it! I mean, just look at that picture above! There are SO MANY options to choose from! Disney princesses? Check! Star Wars? Check! Harry Potter? Check! Farm animals, unicorns, Paw Patrol, Batman? Check, check, check check! Seriously, anything your child could come up with, Crazy B Stitchin has thought of it too! Why buy a cheap, plastic (and usually weird smelling) Halloween mask when you could have one of these handmade creations!? But Brianne doesn’t just make masks either! As per her Facebook page, she can also create non-paper dolls, finger puppets, reusable tic tac toe sets (cool!), stuffed animals, and custom pillows! It all sounds so amazing but the inner kid in me still thinks that these masks are the coolest part of her business! I don’t know a kid around who doesn’t love playing make believe and I bet any parent who has bought a mask from Crazy B Stitchin has a magical story to tell! Check out Brianne on Facebook and Instagram!

*Property of Little Lovey Handmade*

Little Lovey Handmade is one of those shops that I love to follow! I’m always inspired by what Allyson is creating and I feel like that’s what makes her shop so popular! I’ll be the first to admit that I have never used a cloth diapers on either of my boys but after seeing some of the adorable fabric patterns that Little Loveys has available, I’m tempted to start. I would love to be more eco-friendly and these would be a great start for me! Along with her cloth diapers, Allyson also creates wonderful car seat and stroller ponchos to keep your little one toasty warm during the winter months! They also keep your little one’s car seat straps safely snug to their body since the ponchos are intended to be used after they’re strapped in! Genius! Allyson also has a baby carrier version so you can continue to ‘baby wear’ even in those frigid temperatures! I’m also obsessed with her handmade wash cloths and wet bags! Everything Little Lovey Handmade creates is well thought out and made with the intention of making life easier on us moms! Be sure to like Little Lovey Handmade on Facebook and follow them on Instagram!

*Photo Property of Dear and Dapper*

Oh. My. Goodness! Would you look at how adorable that bear bonnet is! I’m dying over this little hat! These creations are the vision of the small business Dear and Dapper and they are to die for! From adorable winter bonnets like these to the most beautiful spring floral bonnets, you’re going to swoon over every one of these hats! With added details like lace trim and ribbons, these baby bonnets go back in time and give off a sort of ‘vintage’ feel that I’m totally digging! I mean, can’t you just picture a newborn baby girl in a Moses basket wearing one of these bonnets and a little lace dress!? Omg… I can’t even handle the thoughts! Not only does Dear and Dapper makes these adorable bonnets but they also create boomers, dressers, handbands, suspenders, and the cutest ‘Old Man’ hats that I’ve ever seen! Dear and Dapper is available on Facebook and Instagram!

I’m super excited to meet some of these business in person and get to browse through their collections at this upcoming vendor show! I’m hoping that I can restrain myself enough and not buy ‘all the things’ this Sunday! Wish me and my wallet good luck!! And as always, be sure to check out these businesses as well as businesses that are local to you too!

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