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Eli At EIGHT Months Old!

Oliver the Bear from the wonderful business Cuddle and Kind

I refuse to believe that in four months this little baby will turn one! I just cannot accept that fact because it seems too soon; far, far too soon for it to be true! I really need someone to invent a remote that can pause and rewind life (like in that Adam Sandler movie Click) because I’m having a hard time dealing with how fast this year off has been going by. I’m already starting to have the dreaded back to work nightmares and the thought of having to send Nate off to school in September literally gives me anxiety on a daily basis. There’s absolutely no way I can blink now because if I do, it’ll be July and everything will be changing. So until then, I’m going to try to soak up all the baby cuddles and snuggles, slobbery kisses, chest scratches and pinches, baby toes, and chubby thighs I can get before they’re all gone!

Eli at eight months is generally a pretty chill baby

Still prefers to be held 24/7

Absolutely loves baby food (I’ve yet to find one he won’t eat!)

Enjoys when daddy makes him dance to Biggie

Thinks it’s hilarious to be tossed in the air or accidentally “dropped”

Has the biggest, gummiest smile (still no teeth yet!)

Starting to get himself up onto his knees and rocking forward for a few seconds before falling back down

Would rather be sitting up right than laying on his back or his belly

Loves pinching faces and grabbing hair or beards

Is super ticklish especially his sides, feet, and neck

Surprisingly still in size two diapers

Wearing clothes that range in size from 6 months to 12 months (just depending on the make)

Touched grass for the first time and was definitely not a fan of it

Loves being held and going down slides at the park

Belly sleeper in his crib but back sleeper if he’s in bed with us which is weird to me. Why doesn’t he sleep on his back in his crib!?

Growing back some of his hair and it’s coming in a mix of suuuuper blonde and strawberry

Bluest eyes I’ve ever seen (and I thought Nate’s were crazy blue as a baby!)

Loves watching the cats and is totally fascinated by them

Tolerates his exersaucer, play mat, and jolly jumper better than he used to

Does the funniest little head shake when he gets really happy or excited

Total Mama’s suck (and 99.9% of the time I love it!)

Oh my heart! Just look at that sweet face!


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