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Anchored East Diaper Bag Backpack – Mini Review

I’m not sure about you guys but I for one, am sick of this weather! I’m not sure what’s going on with Mother Nature but when it’s mid April and there’s a snowbank at the side of my house, it does not sit well with me. I try my hardest not to complain about the weather too often, especially winter. I mean, it’s Canada, I know it’s going to be snowy and cold but I cannot for the life of me remember the last time there was an ice storm in the MIDDLE OF APRIL!!! Everyone always talks about how temperamental March can be, well this year apparently it’s April’s turn to be the moody one. Last week I was literally going out with a light spring coat on and today when I ventured out I had to wear my winter boots and coat again. What. The. Heck!? I’m so happy that in just over a week, we will be road tripping down to Nashville and I’ll actually get to enjoy a few days of spring weather.

Some people might think we’re a little crazy to be doing a 14 hour road trip with two young kids… well a young kid and a baby but truth be told, Nate does really well in the truck. This will be his fourth long road trip he’s been on and it will be Eli’s second. I’m hoping they’ll both be as well behaved as they were when we drove to Boston back in October but I’m still a little stressed about it. Before every long trip we take, I try to find different resources to utilize to make our lives easier and this time was no different. One thing I’ve learned from our three previous trips, is that having the right diaper bag makes a world of difference! I’m one of those people who literally lugs everything I possibly can around in my diaper bag which ends up making it weigh as much as Nate does and by the end of the day my shoulders are throbbing. Every diaper bag I’ve ever owned has always been a one strap shoulder bag which is fine for short outings or even an entire day spent at say the zoo but when you’re spending numerous days sight seeing, they start to wear on you after a while. During both our trips to New York and to Boston, each person took a turn wearing the diaper bag because it was too heavy and awkward (like I said, I pack for every possibility) so when the strap on my most recent bag broke, instead of looking for a new side shoulder bag, I began researching diaper bag backpacks.

*Full disclosure: I was given this backpack by the business in exchange for a review on it but as always, I only post on items that I truly love and feel that you will love as well. Links are at the bottom of the post*

About a month ago, I saw an Instagram post from some blogger I follow talking about how much she loved her Freshly Picked diaper bag backpack and immediately I was obsessed with the idea of using a backpack specifically designed with moms in mind as my new diaper bag. I began scouring through posts looking for what I thought would be the ‘perfect’ diaper bag backpack for me but unfortunately, nothing I came across seemed to match what I needed. Obviously cost played a huge role in my search but I also wanted something that I felt would last for a few years rather than a few months. Many of the bags I found online either appeared too small or too cheaply made and I began thinking that if I wanted to jump onto this diaper bag backpack trend, I might have to shell out the $200 for a Freshly Picked bag knowing that they are built to last when I randomly stumbled across Anchored East Co through an Instagram engagement group.

After looking through all their Instagram pictures, I excitedly reached out and asked if they would ship to Canada explaining that I had searched and searched and searched for the right diaper bag backpack and thought theirs was perfect for what I wanted it for. I was beyond thrilled when I received a reply from them stating that they would love to send me one. I eagerly awaited for it to arrive in the mail and the day I got it, I literally could not smiling! It was everything I was hoping it would be and so much more! Immediately I was emptying out the contents from my old bag and filling up my new Anchored East Co backpack, basically smiling from ear to ear seeing how much room there was still left in the bag even after I transferred everything over.

The quality of this bag is amazing! The polyester fabric feels super sturdy and durable which is perfect for parents of feisty toddlers who like to “help” carry the diaper bag around (and by carry, I mean drag it across the sidewalk because they’re a “big boy” and can do it! Speaking from experience obviously…) and it’s also water resistant meaning you don’t have to worry about it getting rained on, spilled on, or accidentally dropped in a puddle by that feisty toddler mentioned before. I’m also obsessed with the height of this bag. I can literally fit my entire arm in the bag because it’s so deep which means I can pack everything I need and more without worrying I’m going to run out of room. I also love that it’s ‘gender neutral’, I can’t see what father or grandfather wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing this backpack out with their kids or grand kids. Kurt’s never once complained about going out in public alone with Nate with my previous diaper bags but I’m sure there’s a part of him deep down that wishes he wasn’t carrying something that looked like a giant purse around so with this backpack, I feel like he will gladly wear it around and won’t feel self-conscious in the slightest way.

The details in the bag are stunning as well. From the faux leather accents to the metal zippers, this bag is not only functional but stylish as well. The straps are nicely padded to help prevent any discomfort when wearing the backpack and they adjust incredibly easy. Even with the diaper bag filled, I was able to adjust the straps tighter or looser while actually wearing the backpack and it didn’t take longer than a few seconds before they felt right for me. Another feature I love about this backpack are the four luggage feet that are on the bottom on the bag. These allow the backpack to stand on it’s own and help to prevent any wear and tear to the bottom of the bag. Anchored East Co also has provided their backpacks with not one but two ways to attach it to things like strollers or shopping carts. You can either use the leather strap at the top or the two large buckle clasps on the sides. Both are easy to use and provide a safe way to attach your backpack while you’re out for a walk or shopping.

But my most favourite thing about this bag has to be the amount of pockets it has! Not only are there four massive outside pocket, there are also four large inside pockets including one zippered one to store items you want to keep extra safe. The front zippered pocket is awesome for items you need to grab quickly (snacks, toys, books) while the one side pocket is perfect for water bottles or sippy cups. Wet wipes are perfect to store in the side pocket with the zipper and the breathable mesh fabric on the back pocket, means you don’t have to worry about possibly ruining whatever you’re storing in their with back sweat (hahaha!!). The pockets inside the bag can house whatever items you need on your day to day outings. Currently mine is full with diapers, hand sanitizer, diaper baggies, a few of Nate’s toy cars, chapstick, a small container for Eli’s spare soother, changing pad (comes with the diaper bag!) as well as a swaddle blanket for breastfeeding in public as well as my wallet. One feature that I absolutely love about this bag in that one of the inside pockets in thermal insulated meaning you can store a bottle of milk or formula in it for a short period of time without worrying that it will spoil. Eli is almost strictly breastfed but it will definitely come in handy in the future as I start weaning him off or transitioning him to cow’s milk.

I never knew it was possible to love a bag so much but honestly, I cannot imagine using anything other than this Anchored East Co diaper bag backpack. It is a game changer for me when I’m out alone with both boys. It gives me the ability to be hands free and I don’t have to worry about the straps slipping off my shoulders and the bag falling onto Nate while we’re walking through a busy parking lot (which has happened numerous times) and it also allows me to carry Eli more comfortably as I’m not trying to balance him in one arm while trying to ensure the diaper bag stays on the other. Being a parent can be extremely difficult and I love that businesses like Anchored East Co are looking for ways to help make our lives easier in any way that they can. I’m also a huge fan of supporting small businesses and that’s exactly what I’m doing by wearing this backpack. Anchored East Co is a mom-owned business based of Maine and as a small shop supporter, I feel good about owning and representing this business. I seriously cannot wait until next Wednesday when I can put this amazing diaper bag to the real test! Stay tuned for my full review when we return!

Anchored East Co is on Instagram as well as Amazon.

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