Mom Life

Eli at TEN Months Old!

I’m basically having heart palpitations just by writing that title out… How is he ten months old already! I swear it was just yesterday that I was eagerly typing out this post and now I’m beginning to plan his first birthday party. Time really is non-existent when you have babies; one day you’re only a few weeks pregnant and the next you’re baby is just two months away from turning one. While I’m looking forward to watching Eli grow and develop into a toddler, I’m also struggling with feeling like I barely remember anything from the last ten months. I try to picture what he was like when he was a newborn and it all seems hazy. It’s like it all happened in a fast blur and as much as I try I can’t seem to remember the majority of it. That’s why I’ll never apologize for taking or posting a zillion pictures of my boys. They’re moments captured in time that I want to look back on and remember. I’m not asking anyone else to do that, when I post, I post them for me and me alone. I think that’s probably my number one piece of advice for any new parent, take as many photos as you can/want. They don’t have to be perfectly positioned or staged, they don’t have to be in focus, just take them for the memories so that when your baby is all grown, you have them to look back at. Anyways, that was a long winded entry to this but what can ya do? So without rambling too much more, here’s a peek as to who Mr. Eli is developing into…

Currently has both his bottom teeth poking through and looks like the tops won’t be far behind

Thinks dumping out the dry cat food all over the floor is the funniest thing ever

Cannot be contained, he is always on the move now

Loves swinging in the baby swings at the park

Cheese is probably his favourite solid food, he gagged hard on watermelon…

Has the cutest little blonde curls all over his head

Still a thumb sucker and doesn’t seem like that habit will break any time soon

Has started pulling himself up onto his knees and has been trying to stand lately

Loves pulling on Ari’s fur despite being told not to

Thinks being tossed in the air or held upside down is the funniest thing in the world

One of his favourite games to play is see how hard I can tug on my Mommy’s baby hairs

Is starting to want to try and actually play with Nate instead of just watching from the sidelines

He’s pretty unsure about grass… some days he likes it and wants to eat it then other days he cries if he touches it

Splashing in water is still a personal favourite for him

Has outgrown his baby bath tub so now all baths are done in the big boy tub

Didn’t gain much weight from six to nine months but literally does not stop eating (and pooping)

Favourite toys include a magnet puzzle and Nate’s old Fisher-Price puppy piano and little house

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