Mom Life

Eli at 11 Months Old!!

Eeeeek!! I’m so late on posting this little update that Eli is turning the big ONE in under two weeks now! I seriously cannot believe that the entire year has already passed on by! It feels like it was just yesterday that I was seeing my OB every week and eagerly anticipating Eli’s arrival. I always said that my year off with Nate flew by but this time around, I don’t know… it felt like I blinked and an entire year had passed by. I’m not sure how I’ll be next week when we’re only a week away from his birthday and two weeks away from me returning to work. I’ve been having some serious anxiety over the fact that I’m heading back to work soon but luckily I’ll only be returning to one of my two nursing jobs since I quit the other one a few weeks ago. It feels good knowing that I will only have to accommodate one work schedule instead of two and it will allow me more time off to spend with both boys.

So what’s Eli like now that he’s almost a whole year old!? Well…

He still loves to eat although he hasn’t gained much weight since six months so he’s now on a high fat diet (lucky!)

He has the BEST baby laugh ever

Cannot contain the kid! He is ALWAYS on the move and is starting to gain some real speed!

Pulls himself up onto the furniture and is slowly starting to walk holding onto it

Thinks pulling on poor Ari’s tail is the funniest thing in the world

Love splashing in the tub and swimming in the neighbour’s pool

Enjoys running away mid diaper change and laughs hysterically while you’re chasing him down

Waves his arms in the air and slams his hands on the table when he’s had enough of eating

Hates being strapped into his car seat

Sleeps through the night and usually takes a 2-3 hr nap during the day

Has the chubbiest little baby feet despite not gaining a ton of weight

Currently has four chompers with what looks like another two on the way

Has a full head of super, super light blonde curly hair

Loves being swung around and danced with

Still would rather be snuggled into someone’s arms than sit on the floor and play with toys

Refuses to take a bottle for literally anyone which is starting to really stress me out

Favourite food are definitely cheese slices and Greek yogurt

Has “said” mum-mum and da-da a couple of times

Is seriously one of the cutest little babies I’ve ever seen (even if I am biased)


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