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Eli at 12 Months Old!!!

I seriously cannot believe I’m sitting at my desk typing this out already. There’s absolutely no way that this past Saturday was Eli’s first birthday! I honestly think I’m still in shock over how fast this year flew by. I can vividly remember bringing this teeny, tiny newborn baby home from the hospital and yet that was actually July 2017, not 2018. He’s grown and changed so much this past year and I’m afraid that if I close my eyes too long, he’ll be starting college! I can barely hold it together thinking about how Nate will be starting school in September, I can’t even begin to imagine the mess I’ll be when Eli starts school! I wish the newborn and infant stage lasted longer than it does. Looking back on pictures of him at one month or two months old, you can barely tell it’s him! His face has already begun to change into who he’ll be as a little boy… *pause for the sobbing hiccups* it’s just gone by way. too. fast!

Since I was so late posting what Eli was like at 11 months old, there isn’t really anything new to say about him other than he’s apparently grown two inches in just over a month which I think is crazy! And he’s also packed on another pound and a half since his 9 month doctors appointment so I think it’s safe to say that the high fat, high protein diet is working for him! He absolutely loves to eat and there really isn’t anything he doesn’t devour once it’s put in front of him! I stopped breastfeeding about three weeks ago which I think was more sad for me than him. I mean, he still tries to grab at them but he knows there’s nothing left lol I wasn’t planning on stopping so soon but I since I began running back in May, I’ve noticed that they weren’t feeling at full and when I was feeding him, he seemed to be getting angry because there either wasn’t enough or it wasn’t coming out fast enough. I decided to start introducing him to homogenized milk as well as formula and let’s just say it was a long and tiring process! Apparently Eli is NOT a fan of formula mixed on it’s own. We bought two different kinds hoping he would prefer one of them but he would just gag to the point of actually vomiting! I was so stressed that he wouldn’t be willing to take a bottle by the time I went back to work but thankfully after numerous attempts, he decided that he prefers formula mixed with the homogenized milk! This probably also explains the jump in his weight!

His hair is also growing at a rapid speed lately it seems! I mean, he totally still has a receding hair line going on but the hair on the top back, sides, and back of his head is coming in super thick and super blonde! He’s starting to get little wings by his ears and it’s the cutest thing ever! Eli’s hair is much more blonde than Nate’s was as a baby so I’m curious to see if it will stay that colour or turn darker like his older brother’s has. I’m also interested to see if his eyes will stay as blue as they currently are. I know they’re not going to go brown or anything like that but they’re such a vibrant shade of blue that it would be a shame if in a year or two they changed to a darker blue or even green like mine are. I know he’ll still be adorable because I mean just LOOK at him but whenever we’re out somewhere, it’s almost a guarantee that someone will comment on just how stunning his eyes are. They almost pierce right through you when you’re looking at him!

He’s still the biggest snuggle bug ever! It literally does not matter who is holding him, he just loves being held! I often joke about how he’s not a “floor baby” because he never wants to be sitting down on the ground. Not even to play with his toys! He would much rather be up in someone’s lap and having a cuddle than sitting on the ground playing with baby things. He’s so funny that way! I mean, as much as I love how snuggly he is, there have definitely been some frustrating times when I’ve been trying to make dinner or clean or even just go to the bathroom and can’t because the moment he’s put down, he screams bloody murder. Honestly, he’s lucky he’s so freakin cute! šŸ˜‰

Ugh! I seriously cannot believe he’s an entire year old already!! I wish I could pause time for a little bit because I honestly don’t think my heart can handle the thought of him turning two…

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