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Sage at Three Months Old

Sagie girl has been in our lives for three months now and I almost can’t believe it! Because of Covid-19, I tend to lose track of time and everything seems to blend together. I can’t remember what day of the week it is and there’s even been moments when I forget what month we’re in so when I really sit down and think about how it’s been three months since Sage was born, I’m left a bit dumbfounded. She is such a welcome addition to our family and everyone who sees her, whether it’s in pictures or from a distance, is instantly smitten with her. So here’s a little bit of what Sage is like at three months old…

She weighed in a 11lbs 9oz at her two (actually three) month appt and was 23.5 inches long (I think!)

She smiles all the time now

Laughs in her sleep but had yet to really laugh when awake which I think is hilarious

Hates being on her tummy and gets upset when she rolls herself into that position

Sage is such an awesome sleeper and easily can go four hours stretches through the night without waking to feed

Loves watching her big brothers, especially Nathan

Has already figured out how to model pose for the camera and seriously will put on a little show when I bring out either my phone or actual camera

Will sit perfectly content and watch UFC with Kurt and literally pays attention to what’s happening

Rolls to the left onto her belly but hasn’t figured out how to do it the other way

Still loves being swaddled in cozy, fluffy blankets and if you want her to fall asleep, that’s pretty much all you have to do and she’s out like a light

Will only take a certain brand of soother and don’t you dare try to give her one that’s not her preferred kind

Enjoys being carried basically 24/7 so baby wearing is essential during the days in our house

Just like her daddy and big brothers, she snores loudly when she’s sound asleep

Loves to have her nose or side of her head rubbed softly

Sage is a pretty good combo of both her brothers (Nathan when asleep and Eli when awake)

Eats (and poops) like a champ

Unlike her older brothers, truck rides don’t always put her to sleep

Basically is a dream baby and I’m pretty much obsessed with her!!


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