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Sage at Four Months Old!

Holy moly! Here we go again… another month has passed us by and while I’m happy for the easing on Covid-19 restrictions here, I’m also saddened by the fact that while we’ve been in quarantine, Sage has grown three months older! Babyhood is such a short time and it is definitely upsetting to know that family and close friends have missed out on basically her entire newborn stage. But I am grateful for the fact that we can resume visits as of Friday and she will have the chance to be loved on and snuggled by family who hasn’t gotten to hold her since March. Here’s a peek into what a character Miss Sage is…

She absolutely loves her brothers, especially Nathan

She started rolling over from belly to back and literally seems like she wants to start crawling any day now

Still loves being wrapped up in cozy blankets, it’s a sign to her that it’s time to sleep I think

Has the most ticklish ribs but can’t really laugh (at least when awake yet) so it comes out as more of a funny snort

A complete and total snuggle bug

Loves to ham it up for the camera and will instantly start smiling and laughing when she realizes there’s someone taking her picture

Took her two month shots (at three months) like a champ and hardly cried at all

Sage is going through a bit of a sleep regression at the moment. She sleeps really well from about 8pm-2am but then from 4-7am she’s pretty much awake and wanting to feed every 45 minutes or so.

Loves to grab a hold of your face with her hands and rub her mouth all over you (lol)

Enjoys looking at herself in mirrors

Literally will fall asleep on Kurt any time he’s holding her even if she’s already had a long nap

Loves to be carried around

If you kiss her feet or pretend to eat them, she gives the biggest, gummiest smiles

Whenever she wakes up from a nap, she is the happiest, squirmiest, smiliest baby ever

Still has most of her hair which is and accomplishment since both her brothers lost all of theirs around three months old

Absolutely loves to be talked to and cooed at


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