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Four Month Sleep Regression

I think it’s safe to say we’ve officially hit the four month sleep regression stage with Sage. Our great sleeper is no longer so great. In fact, last night I’m fairly certain I was up every hour and a half with her. From the day she was born, Sage has always slept really well. The few first weeks were a little rough transitioning from the inside to out in the world but as long as I was cuddling her and keeping her warm, she would gladly sleep 5-6 straight through the night. Even during the day, her naps would be several hours long. I would actually have to Google how much sleep was normal for a one month old because the boys never slept as well as her. After a few weeks getting adjusted to the world outside my belly, her stretches could go 6-7 hours long. It was wonderful. But now she’s four months old and those magical sleep filled nights are now a thing of the past because for the past few nights, little Missy seems hell bent on partying all night long.

I remember this regression vividly with Nathan; I even blogged about it here and while I know it’s not going to last forever, it’s definitely taking its toll on me. I function fairly well with little to no sleep thanks to years of being a nurse pulling doubles or short shifting but I do not handle broken sleep well whatsoever. I would much rather stay up for 48 hours straight (which yes I’ve done) than get 8-10 hours of broken up sleep. The constant waking up, falling back, waking up again is a lot for me to handle mentally so needless to say I’ve been relying A LOT on caffeine these past few days. It’s also super hard to deal with a sleep regression when you still have other kids to take care of. For some reason, I can’t remember ever going through this with Eli; either I’ve completely blocked it from my memory because it was too traumatic to deal with or he never experienced one. But I’m leaning more towards blocking it from my memory… Thankfully Eli is still napping and Nathan is more than happy to have a little extra screen time because I just cannot “mom” right now.

Guess what was for dinner last night? PB&J sandwiches for Nate and toast with butter for Eli. Guess what was for dinner two nights ago and again tonight? Hot dogs. All because I am just too damn tired to cook. I would gladly order take out if I wasn’t already planning to do so on Thursday when Kurt’s gone away for the night… seriously, this lack of sleep is getting to me. I know I just have to “love her through it” as all the other mommy blogs and forums suggest and that it’s a positive sign that she’s experiencing and intellectual growth spurt but at the same time I need my sleep. I need my sleep in order to function as not only a mom but as a person as well. I feel like I’m a walking zombie. The neighbour said hi to me when I was going to the mailbox earlier and I just starred at him and I swear it took over a minute before I responded. I’m sure my frazzled appearance and vacant stare were enough for him to guess it had been a rough night (or several!).

God, I love this little girl with everything in me and it’s super cute watching her learn new tricks like rolling over and pushing herself up onto her hands and *almost* knees but if she could practice during the day instead of the middle of the night, I think it would be better for us all! Haha 😉

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