Mom Life

Sage at Five Months Old!

I am in complete disbelief that my little Sagie Girl is turning FIVE months old on Sunday! Like how has it been five months since she was born!? I swear I feel like we’re somehow still back in March and not on the back half of 2020… Every day she’s changing more and more and every day I beg time to slow down so we can really enjoy these next few months before she turns an entire year old. Time is such a thief. When you’re young all you want is to grow up and then you do and all of the sudden you realize just how fast time passes you by and how precious it is. So what new tricks and personality traits has Sage picked up this month? Well…

Sage LOVES rolling over on her tummy, you can barely get her to stay on her back any more

She is already trying to crawl and will get herself briefly up onto all fours and try to move herself forward

She’s very interested in food and I think is almost ready to start trying solids

Nathan is still one of her most favourite people but Eli is started to sneak up there on the list too

Car rides and stroller rides knock her out within a few seconds but she wakes immediately when they stop

I’ve woken up several times now to her sleeping on her belly which stresses me out just like it did with her brothers

Sage took her four month shots like a champ and barely cried for the second time in a row

She absolutely loves being in water whether it’s in the bathtub, shower, or neighbour’s pool; she is a water baby

Maybe TMI but she also is the loudest and most agressive farter in the house haha

I’d say she’s happy 90% of the time and really only cries when she’s super tired

Easiest way to get her to sleep is still to bundle her up in a cozy blanket with her soother and bam she’ll be out within no time at all

She’s sadly starting to lose her hair and has some good bald spots forming. Her brothers were bald by three months so I was really hoping she was going to keep her hair but alas, not so much!

Sage loves to tell “stories” and thinks blowing bubbles at you is the funniest thing ever

She loves being in the exersaucer which makes me so sad that she’s big enough for it now

She’s slowly getting over the four month sleep regression she was going through the past few weeks

She’s discovered her feet/toes and loves trying to grab them when she’s sitting on your lap

Sagie girl has beautiful blue eyes and such a bright smile that makes my heart so happy

She doesn’t spit up on my shoulder much after eating any more but instead loves to chew/drool on it constantly

She has such a strong grip and loves to chew on fingers/hands including her own now

Basically is still the cutest girl I’ve ever seen


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