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Four Adults, Two Infants, One Van, and a 12 Hour Road Trip…

Hey all! I know I’ve been MIA for a few days but my family and I embarked on our first ever family vacation and I didn’t want to spoil all the fun by bringing my lap top with me! We’re home now so get ready for a post by post analysis of our trip!

A few months ago, myself, Kurt and our two friends started talking about doing a road trip out east at some point this summer. I wasn’t exactly sure if it would happen because of Nate and Chris and Caralin’s baby boy. Doing a long road trip with infants isn’t exactly ideal and I really wasn’t sure our friends would be up to the challenge since their son would be basically brand new! *If you don’t believe in allowing babies to sleep/spend a lot of time in car seats you might as well stop reading now so you don’t get upset!* Nate is turning eight months on Friday and C&C’s baby boy is just a month old so you can imagine the looks some people gave us when we told them we were doing a 12hr road trip! I think I actually starting having small panic attacks leading up to the car ride. I kept envisioning screaming babies, numerous tears, and constantly having to pull over to soothe them. I was beyond terrified that Nate would be the sole problem since C&C’s boy would sleep the majority of the trip since he’s still so young, however; I’m pleased to announce that BOTH babies did absolutely FANTASTIC! Seriously! Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that Nate and C&C’s baby would do so well that long in the car.

We intentionally left our house at 1am on Thursday that way the boys could sleep through a good chunk of the trip. This was such a great idea! I had read a few articles prior to leaving about how to travel with babies/small kids and a lot of what I read recommended traveling during the night. After doing this, I would have to agree 100% that if you can leave at bedtime it definitely makes the trip a whole lot easier! So as I said, we left our house at 1am and made it to St. George, New Brunswick around 4:00pm. In total (on the way there), I think we only stopped maybe a combined two to two and a half hours (to feed the babies, eat, and take bathroom breaks). Nate woke up around 8am as we were driving and he was pretty content just sitting in his car seat playing with some toys I brought him. Yes, he definitely had his moments where he was upset and wanted out but he was easily distracted by peek-a-boo or his puppy piano toy. C&C’s boy also had his moments when he was done with being strapped in but looking back, it really could have been a lot worse! I would gladly redo that car ride because of how easy it was!

When we arrived in St. George, NB we stayed at a “home away” type place that way we would have access to an entire apartment instead of just one hotel room. I feel like this was such a good idea because it allowed us to have a kitchen to cook meals in, two separate bedrooms for the couples, and an entire living/dining room. If we had stayed in a hotel room, it would’ve been double the cost (if not more) to have two separate bedrooms and there’s no way we could have cooked some of the meals we made while we were there! We also had access to free laundry in our apartment as well as free wifi and access to the home owners backyard and pool!

The apartment itself was pretty good. The home owner (Stephen) told us how his house is one of the oldest in St. George and that the founder of St. George had built their home two lots over. His house backed directly onto the river and the view couldn’t be beat! This was his first year renting the apartment out as a vacation spot. Typically, he said he had full time renters in the apartment. We were only his third ever guests! For being new to this “home away” type business, I think he and his partner did a pretty good job providing everything we needed. Yes, there was some things I’d change; the floor is uneven so there’s small steps ups which are easily tripped over or in Nate’s case, fallen down on and the room Kurt and I stayed in didn’t have a window, but all and all the apartment itself made me feel at home and a lot less stressed about being away. We brought Nate’s playpen and our room was large enough that it fit nicely in the corner for him to sleep in. Looking back, I should have packed his baby monitor because once he fell asleep we couldn’t really take advantage of the beautiful backyard fireplace. But at least I know for next time!

Here are a few pics of the apartment!


The apartment we stayed in was on the second floor. I wasn’t a huge fan of the walk up since it was a steep staircase but we had our on porch with a small bbq and two chairs.
















Their backyard is just beautiful! So many gardens with flowers and lights and a pond with coy fish!




Nate exploring his home for the week!







The furniture is old but it just adds to the charm of the house itself!

I’m so glad we decided to stay here. And I would definitely recommend this place to future visitors! Hope you enjoyed these pictures! Stay tuned for my next post about our first day in St. George, NB!

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    1. Chris actually knows a guy from work who moved out to NB and he asked him if there was any home away places he’d recommend and the guy send Chris a list and this was the cheapest place!


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