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A Little Trip Through St. George!


So as you guys know, we just got back a few days ago from a fabulous trip to the East Coast of Canada. It was so nice just to get away for a few days to relax and explore our beautiful country. I’ve been out to New Brunswick once before when I was in grade 9 and we stayed in Moncton but other than that, I’ve never had the chance to explore out East. From the few days we were there it’s easy to see why people are madly in love with the East Coast. The scenery is breath taking. From the tree lined highways to the rivers and bays; it is just gorgeous!

We stayed at a cute apartment in St. George which was right on the water. The town itself is small but there’s something to be said about small towns. The people were all so friendly and eager to tell us about the ‘must sees’ while we were there. It was refreshing to be able to smile at someone and know they were going to smile back. I love where I live but sometimes I find that the people aren’t just as nice as other people throughout Canada. Maybe it’s the hours spent commuting to and from work, maybe it’s the construction, maybe it’s just how it is close to where I live? Who knows? But what I do know for sure is there are some amazingly friendly people down East!



Chris, Caralin, and Baby G on the balcony of our apartment! The view was just unreal!


Nate decided he wasn’t going to cooperate for our family picture! Silly boy!


Got him looking at the camera in this one at least!


Just a few words to live by! 😉


I love this picture of my two boys! It might have been one of the only ones where the camera flash didn’t make Nate blink or squint!


We’re besties in case anyone didn’t know!

So as I said, we spent our first full day out East in St. George just wandering around the town and exploring some of their little shops. It’s definitely a very small town but it’s still worth seeing!





I just loved these two houses! Especially the little yellow one!



Poor Nate! Wouldn’t cooperate for our family pictures on the balcony then fell asleep right before we snapped this one!









Apparently, wild blueberries are very popular here. Our home owner, Stephen, told us how every year they hold a blueberry festival where they crown someone Miss Blueberry and there’s a big celebration. I believe he said it’s usually in August. They make so much stuff with their blueberries too. Pies (of course!) but they also make BBQ sauce, jams, spreads, dips, teas, and so much more! Caralin grabbed a bottle of their blueberry BBQ sauce as a gift for her parents and I grabbed a jar of wild blueberry and rhubarb jam. I haven’t tested it out yet but I did try a sample of the straight blueberry jam which was delicious so I’m positive this jam will be just as good! Probably even better since I LOVE rhubarb! Kurt, Chris, and myself also tried some of their blueberry wine. Don’t worry, it was just a teeny tiny sip since I’m still breastfeeding Nate 😉 it was good but wine isn’t really my drink. I’m more of a beer drinker so I found it a bit too strong but I’m sure a seasoned wine drinker would love it.






Like I said, the views are breath taking and the flowers are b-e-a-utiful!!!






Haha! Standing awkwardly while Kurt snaps a shot! I was taking so many pictures of everyone else that Kurt wanted to make sure I had some of myself too.




Just taking it all in! I think I was actually looking at the loons on the water.

After a day of exploring St. George, we went back to our apartment to relax by the pool before heading out for dinner. We took a ferry across the Bay of Fundy to Deer Island to have a nice seafood dinner. I’m not going to lie, we were a bit disappointed with the experience on Deer Island. We headed to a restaurant that we were told had a live lobster tank that you could pick your own lobster from, however; when Kurt went to order the lobster dinner that was still printed on the menu, we were informed that the owner no longer had the live lobster tank as it was too much money to run and not enough people ordered from it. Normally, this just would have been a slight let down, however; on the list of attractions printed out in our room for us, the one for this restaurant still said that the tank was there and on the massive ‘Welcome to Deer Island’ sign that we saw when we came off of the ferry also said there was still the live lobster tank. That being said, the lobster rolls Kurt and I ordered were delicious as was Chris and Caralin’s dinners. All and all, our first day in St. George was a success!

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