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Touring Saint John

Well it’s time for me to tell you about our day spent in Saint John, New Brunswick! As you know; myself, my husband, and our son plus our friends and their son went on a little road trip out East just over a week ago. We had an absolute blast out there; touring the small towns, eating some great food, and just spending some quality time with our new families. I’ve already recapped our drive there plus our first full day spent in St. George, NB so now I’m here to tell you about our day in Saint John!

We woke up Saturday morning to rain! How crappy is it when you’re on vacation and it rains! The weather is the one thing you really have ZERO control over so basically whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at you, you just gotta deal with it. Lucky for us, the rain only lasted until noon-ish meaning our day walking around Saint John would not be ruined! Thank goodness!

The drive out to Saint John was about an hour (maybe a tad longer) but it was beautiful! I get car sick really easily (usually if I’m trying to read) but when I get to stare out the window and look at some gorgeous views, it almost always takes my mind off of feeling sick.




Poor Nate! Didn’t know what he missed out on! 😉 (ps this was the first trip we’d done with him in his new “Big Boy” car seat and I wanted to cry every time I looked over and saw him! Where did my newborn go!?)



Once we parked, we got out and decided where we wanted to go and what we wanted to see. We started out walking around a mall to do some shopping. Since having Nate, I’m in desperate need of some new clothes! I’ve lost almost 20lbs since having him and while I was still pregnant I donated basically everything I hadn’t worn in almost two years because it was too small. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d lose so much weight after having a baby. So needless to say I was beyond excited to look around for some new outfits!

After having our fill of retail therapy, we headed to the Market Square. It was basically an indoor farmer’s market. Vendors were selling fruits and vegetables, meats, cheeses, fresh seafood, breads, and jams; basically anything you can think of someone was there selling it! They had some of the most delicious looking sweets I’ve ever seen!



Some of the cool hanging artwork in the mall!

We ventured down to the water after the marketplace and had a fabulous “lupper”. For those of you who don’t know this term (and I’m sure most of you don’t) it’s something my step-mom and dad say when it’s too late for lunch but too early for supper. We sat out on the patio with the sun shining down on us. The weather had drastically changed from when we had woken up in the morning. It was warm and sunny out and just made the day so much nicer! Once we finished eating, we walked down and looked out at the water. There’s something calming about water. I can’t explain it but it always makes me feel happy just staring out and wondering what’s on the other side.

Here’s a look at our day!












The boardwalk was a bit chilly but definitely worth walking around. From here, we headed back to our apartment to cook dinner and make s’mores on the BBQ! I think this was my favourite day of our trip!

Up next: our day in Saint Andrews!

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