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Goodbye 26, Hello 27!

This past Saturday I celebrated my 27th birthday. This year was incredibly special for me as it was my first birthday as a mom. It might not seem like a huge deal to some but having Nate around has made everything seem much more important. Since the beginning of September, Kurt had been asking what I wanted to do for my birthday and to be honest, all I wanted was to spend the day together as a family. I didn’t feel like having a huge party this year since 27 isn’t really a “big deal” type of age. Instead, I opted for a much more low key kind of day. I told Kurt I wanted to go to the zoo and then out for dinner to a nice restaurant that we’ve never tried before. I didn’t want anything specific for my birthday either so I told him not to worry about getting me any sort of present. All I wanted was some family time, especially since I’ll be returning to work next Monday.

So Saturday morning we woke up and headed out to the Toronto Zoo where we met up with my dad and step-mom. We walked around for a few hours and enjoyed the beautiful weather. It was sunny and around 20 degrees Celsius out so it was basically perfect outdoors weather. I like going to the zoo when it’s a little cooler out since the animals are actually outside instead of staying inside because it’s too hot for them. We stayed for about three hours then decided to leave just after 1 pm when my dad and step-mom were leaving too. Kurt kept asking what I wanted to do next but I honestly had no idea so instead he just hit the highway and started driving. We ended up going to Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre which was awesome. I love going there and walking around Bass Pro Shop. Unfortunately, Nate wasn’t really feeling going shopping. He started having some major melt downs while we were there and I started getting a migraine. Not from him though, it’s honestly a birthday curse. Every year for about the last five years I’ve either gotten a really nasty cold or come down with a migraine that lasts about 2-3 hours. I have no luck at all! I was hoping it was just a lack of caffeine related headache but after grabbing a latte from Starbucks it still didn’t go away!

*side note: there are two Starbucks in the Vaughan Mills mall. The one we ended up in was RIDICULOUSLY slow and spelled Kurt’s name Krita after I specifically told the girl how to spell it! So his frap and my latte marked with a K because she didn’t actually ask for my name sat on the counter for almost 10 minutes because they called it out as “Rita” and “Kay”. I was so mad. By the time I finally realized that they were ours my coffee was warm. Horrible! AND they didn’t apologize since ours were the fourth order they had messed up*

Now back to shopping….Kurt being the nice husband he is kept insisting that I pick out something that I loved even though I kept telling him I didn’t need anything. We were getting our roof done that day as well so I didn’t want him spending a ton of money considering I knew we had the roofers to pay but since he was so adamant I settled on a nice sweater that can be worn dressed up or dressed down. By this point, Nate was so far gone nothing was going to make him happy except breastfeeding. We quickly walked back to the truck so I could feed him and we could head home. I felt bad because I think Kurt felt like my birthday had been ruined but when you have babies/kids you really have to plan your day around them and looking back I should have recognized what Nate wanted sooner then maybe he wouldn’t have had such a meltdown. Oh well. My head was pounding too so I really just wanted to get home to take an Advil. While on the drive back to our house we caught the final few innings of the Jays game on the radio and I nodded off to sleep for a bit (as did Nate). When I woke up we were about 20 minutes away from home and since it was around 4:30 Kurt was trying desperately to make a reservation for dinner. When we usually go out to eat, it’s to East Side Mario’s or Kelsey’s or somewhere that you don’t necessarily need reservations for so this was a learning experience for us! Haha I called one place and they said 8-8:30 which normally would have been fine but I really wanted to be the one to put Nate down for bed and since that’s typically his bedtime I knew I wouldn’t be able to. I’m really just a big suck and like getting the extra bedtime snuggles in! We ended up booking a 7 pm reservation at The Rail Side restaurant in Port Hope and lucky for us my mom and step-dad didn’t have any plans so she agreed to watch him for an hour or so. We dropped Nate off and went out for a rare dinner alone. The original plan had been to bring him along because normally he does really well in restaurants but considering how miserable he had been earlier and the fact that this was a relatively nice place we thought it best to leave him this time. The food was fantastic! We ordered fried calamari to start which was cooked perfectly then for our mains we both ordered the slow roasted prime rib. It was mouth watering! Both our pieces of prime rib only had a tiny bit of fat on them which was so refreshing because I can’t even begin to count the amount of times we’ve both been disappointed with the meat to fat ratio at places like The Keg or Baton Rouge. Anyways! We had to save room for dessert so we both left quite a bit of our meal on our plates which was fine because that just meant left overs for Sunday! I always love when we go out to dinner (which is rare now) and order dessert because we aren’t the type of couple who picks one dessert then splits it; we’re the couple who both pick a dessert then [maybe] share! I ordered what was called a tiger cake; basically it was layers of chocolate cake with chocolate icing and vanilla butter cream. It was so good and it came with TWO pieces so really it was like getting THREE desserts! Kurt ordered the lemon meringue cheesecake which was equally delicious! After about an hour and a half at dinner we left and picked up Nate. He was beyond ready for bed when we got there. I don’t even think we left my mom’s subdivision before he’d fallen asleep in the truck!

All and all it was a great birthday! Even with how miserable Nate was and my migraine, I really wouldn’t have changed anything. I got what I wanted; a day with my family! It was a perfect way to say goodbye to 26 and hello to 27!

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3 thoughts on “Goodbye 26, Hello 27!

  1. happy 27th birthday! it sounds like you had a really busy day and it’s nice you got to spend it with your family. starkbucks fail, I don’t know how you get krita after someone spells out kurt but ok. usually starbucks is pretty good – it’s tim hortons that usually messes everything up! Tiger cake sounds amazing, I’m glad you enjoyd your birthday!


    1. Thank you! It was definitely a busy day but in the best way possible!! 🙂 Yeah the worst part about that Starbucks thing was the fact that when I said “Kurt” she said “Oh I have no clue how to spell that” so as I was spelling it out to her, she STILL got it wrong! Haha that’s just terrible listening skills right there. I’ve actually never had a problem with Tim Horton’s before. Probably because I usually just to the one closest to my house since I know they have good service! Thanks so much for reading!! 🙂



  2. it sounds like you had a really busy day and it’s nice you got to spend it with your family. starkbucks fail, I don’t know how you get krita after someone spells out kurt but ok. usually starbucks is pretty good – it’s tim hortons that usually messes everything up! Tiger cake sounds amazing, I’m glad you enjoyed your birthday! Happy 27th birthday!


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