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Knox Pumpkin Patch

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow will be my first day back to work. A year ago today I went into work at 7 am knowing that come 3 pm I wouldn’t have to wear my scrubs for an entire year. A whole year off from work. How fabulous. I intentionally took my maternity leave early as I wanted to savour the last few weeks Kurt and I would have together as just the two of us. Since working two jobs for almost three years, we didn’t always have any one on one time together. So going off early meant we’d get a couple weekends in before our lives would be forever changed. I’m so incredibly grateful for that time we had together.

This past weekend, we wanted to make the most out of it. Even if we weren’t doing anything super special, we wanted to be sure to spend ample time together as a family. Friday night we went up for the last fire of the season at our friend’s house. It was nice to sit with some great company and just relax. Nate slept almost the whole time in my arms which I was extra happy about. I’ve been sneaking as many extra snuggles in as I can get. Whether it’s crawling into Nate’s crib in the early morning hours after he’s woken to breast feed before falling back to sleep or holding him for two hours while sitting outside in front of a roaring fire, I’ve been taking all I can get from him. Saturday morning Kurt went for his usual run then in the afternoon we decided to head over to Knox Pumpkin Farm to pick out some pumpkins. I went apple picking a couple weeks ago and I was eagerly anticipating taking Nate into a pumpkin patch. We decided to try out Knox this year as Pingles can get pretty busy and I remember liking Knox farm when Kurt and I went there 4 or 5 years ago. I was so excited when I realized that they had loads of animals there. I love love love animals and I really like taking Nate to see them. He always gets the funniest looks on his face when he notices new animals.

Here are a few pictures of the farm animals






After looking at some cows, horses, bunnies, and a lama we headed further into the barn to look at some sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, and turkeys. Nate wasn’t having the best time. It was pretty chilly and even though we had him thoroughly bundled up, he only wanted to be carried. The moment we tried to sit him down to take a picture or two, he’d start whining and crying so most of our pictures we got he’s squirming around in our arms. Oh well. Such is life with a baby!




This horse was so funny. As we were walking past, it came right over and stuck his head over the gate. To see the size difference between his head and Nate’s entire body was shocking to say the least! He was gorgeous and friendly too!






The baby chicks were adorable and Nate was probably the most curious about them since they were making so much peeping noises.







After we walked through the barn, we headed back out towards the pumpkin patch. We walked through a small corn maze (which was REALLY easy to get through lol) then we walked out into the pumpkin patch to pick out our perfect pumpkins! 🙂














We picked out five perfect pumpkins! Seriously, they’re so awesome! I hate going to the patches towards the end of October. They’re usually picked over and we never really find any big, bright orange ones. I’m definitely more than happy with the ones we got this year. There was a pretty close call after we got out of the patch though. I happened to glance over at Kurt holding Nate and realized he was only wearing one boot! His cowboy boot we bought him from Nashville before he was even born was missing! Instant panic! These boots [as funny as it sounds] have meant SO much to Kurt and I. We picked them out from a store in the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, TN in August 2014. We used them as props in our maternity photos, Nate’s newborn photos, and his six month photos. The thought of losing one made me stomach turn. I immediately headed back into the patch scouring the ground for it. Worst of all, the boots are brown with green and brown camo leaves on them so they actually blended into he browns and greens of the dirt and vines. I was out there for what seemed like an hour (it was only like 10 minutes) when I had all but given up; I glanced in front of me and there it was! I was so relieved! We made sure to strap them on extra tight as we were leaving!

Sunday we had a nice relaxing day [mostly] at home. We watched a movie, played, and just hung out. We did venture out to the mall for about an hour but otherwise Sunday was pretty low key. I’m really happy with how we spent my last weekend off. From this point on, I’ll be working at least two weekends a month so it was nice to have this final weekend with just the three of us.

Well, good night y’all. Hopefully tomorrow goes o.k. for me! Wish me luck!!

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2 thoughts on “Knox Pumpkin Patch

    1. I survived! haha 🙂 it really wasn’t AS bad as it could’ve been. I happen to work with one of my best friends and she got the job of orientating me for a few hours so that made it easier. And surprisingly, I only checked in twice then called when I was on my way home so I think I did pretty good! I knew Nate would be fine because he was with his daddy yesterday so we’ll see how it goes the rest of the week because yesterday was the only day this week my husband could take off! Fingers crossed. Haha 🙂


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