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Day One Down

I did it! I survived my very first shift back to work! Holy heck I’ve been dreading that day since around the time Nate turned six months and I realized I’d be heading back to the grind very soon. It didn’t go too bad to be honest. I got to go in at 11 am since Nate had an early morning doctor’s appointment then I stayed until 7 pm on my unit. The first five hours were torture though. I spent them in a room with a bunch of the new hires learning all these new “policies and procedures”. Can you say B-O-R-I-N-G! But my last three were spent on my new unit which was not as bad as I had been told it was. For a few months now, since our new building opened (while in the process of our new building being built our old one burned down and for eight or nine months our residents and staff were displaced all over the place. It was so sad but thankfully, everyone made it out of the fire thanks to all the amazing people I work with) anyways! As I was saying, since the new building opened back in June, I had been hearing rumours that the unit I was scheduled to work on was incredibly challenging and it was one of the harder ones to work. There’s been a few changes up there since June and it appears [at least to me] that it won’t be nearly as hard as I was anticipating it being. I could also feel this way largely in part to the fact that one of my very best friends happened to be orientating me to my new unit. So who knows, I could have just been overly happy to work with her that it made everything seem pretty chill!

I was pleasantly surprised with how well Nate did without me too. Kurt took the day off of work so him and Nate got some much needed father-son time and according to Kurt even without his afternoon nap, Nate was amazing! He ate super well, he took all his bottles, he barely fussed, and he was pretty good during Kurt’s banking appointment he had to take Nate too. All and all, he did really well without me which is a little sad at the same time. However; the moment I walked into the house at 7:45 pm, Nate BOOKED it over to me! It was so cute! He was all smiles and cooing at me, telling me all his stories for the day. He even went to bed without much of a fight! Tomorrow will be harder for me I think because tomorrow is my first day back at my other job and it’s a 12 hour shift. So that means I’ll be away from Nate for closer to 13 hours and I’m not too sure how that will go. Fingers crossed. I survived one day, I can make it through another!

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2 thoughts on “Day One Down

    1. Oh man! That’s rough! It’s definitely sad leaving especially for 12s. I feel like I won’t get to see him at all tomorrow. I’m starting a stretch of five in a row. One 12 and four 8s đŸ˜¦ good luck to you too!

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