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T-Minus Two Weeks and Counting!

We are 13 days away from moving into our new home and I can hardly believe it! Part of me feels like it was only a few weeks ago that we actually put our deposit down on the lot and another part of me is like “Holy crap! February was sooooo long ago! This house is taking FOREVER!!!” I remember when Kurt, Nate, and I all placed the red dot on the site map. It seemed like it was going to take an eternity for October to come and now, here we are only 13 days away from getting the keys and moving in! Not gonna lie; I’m slightly panicking over the fact the moving day is just around the corner. I know we actually have a ton of our belongings packed and stored in my mom’s basement but I still look around our house and think there’s so much left to do. I mean, really the stuff that we haven’t packed up yet are things we’re actually still using (kitchen stuff, clothes, Nate’s toys, etc) and I know we have an entire week to be out of our current house but I can’t help it; I’m a worry wart.

These pictures are from about a week and half ago when we were walking through with one of the clean up guys. Since these pictures were taken there’s been a little bit more work done. The walls have been taped, mudded, and sanded and they’ve laid the tile in the front entrance, kitchen, and bathrooms. The siding has been finished as well and we were told that the fireplace would be installed this weekend. We walked through yesterday with the site foreman because neither Kurt nor I thought the house would be ready by the 20th but we’ve been assured that it might seem like a tight deadline but they’ll meet it. Fingers crossed!


Front of the house from across the street


They’ve also added stairs onto our deck.


Front entry way and side of the front hall closet


View from the kitchen into the ‘great room’ as well as a look at the broom closet.


View from the great room into the kitchen as well as a view of the walk-in pantry we created by moving the main floor laundry to the basement.


The room (besides Nate’s) that I’m most excited about! The upstairs ‘loft’ space that will become the ultimate playroom/hang out space for Nate!


That opening will have a railing going across but you’ll still be able to see below to the dining room.



Little Natey’s room!! I can’t wait to set up a cozy reading nook in that window bump out.


Dining room


Another view of the loft.


I’m so obsessed with all the fabulous angels in this house. I cannot wait to see how it all comes together!!

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