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Our Two Year Old!




















For two years he’s been in our lives and for two years my love for him continues to grow and grow. There are days that it physically overwhelms me just how much I love this little boy right here. I know every parent feels that way about their child but it still shocks me that it is possible to feel this much love for someone. He has made our family so incredibly happy in the short time he’s been in the world. Every day I notice how more and more independent he’s becoming and although it thrills me to see him growing and learning; it also causes me to pause and reflect on how quickly two years have come and gone.

To watch him grow him a newborn baby into this rambunctious, energetic, loving, and caring toddler is one of the greatest blessings I’ve ever had. Nate is becoming one of the sweetest and kindest boys I’ve ever met. He loves interacting with other kids and watching him share his toys or try to teach kids younger than him things makes me so happy I could burst into tears. Not many kids like to share their things, especially their “reelwee kewl” (really cool in Nate speech) toys but he does. He will go out of his way to find one of his most favourite things and show it to his little friends. He’ll bring almost every toy he has over to them just to make them feel special. He loves being around animals and has developed a huge fondness for two (Ari and Milo) of our cats. The moment they walk into the room his whole face lights up and immediately he’s pointing at them and running over to where they are. He even gets upset when he sees them fighting or realizes they have no food in their bowls.

I know I sound like just another typical mom thinking her kid is the greatest kid alive but honestly, I cannot imagine a world without him in it. The amount of times Kurt and I have looked at each other and said we believe he’s destined for something great would be too many to count. There’s just something about him and how he sees the world around him. One look into Nate’s eyes and it’s obvious that he’s meant to do great things with his life; and Kurt and I are so lucky and thankful that we were chosen to be his parents.

Photo credit: Hilary Spencer Creative Photography

Location: Knox Pumpkin Farm


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