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New House Tour

As I’m sure most of you know, we recently moved into a new house right before Nate’s second birthday last month. It was such a hectic couple of weeks that I’ve been really slacking on blogging. It’s just one of those things that I remind myself I should try to do more often but of course, don’t because let’s face it; there’s just not enough hours in the day to get everything that needs to be done, done. So, now that we’re (almost) totally unpacked, I thought I’d share some photos of what our new home looks like. I still have to remind myself daily that although our last home was decorated and had pictures and photos on almost every wall, we had four years to accumulate all that stuff. We’ve been in this house only for a few weeks so on the hard days when I’m looking around wondering why the walls are still bare and why the house might not feel 100% like ‘home’ just yet, it will get there eventually. I think once everything is completed and the builder fixes all the issues we still currently have; it’ll be much better.

How was moving day, you might ask. Well, let me tell you it was not fun. Moving never is but when it’s pouring rain on the days you’re planning on moving, it totally sucks! I swear it had not rained once in the month of October but of course, the Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we were moving all of the boxes and furniture in, it poured rain! And not just poured for a couple of hours then stopped; it literally rained all day and night! It was terrible. The couches got soaked from the moving truck leaking, the boxes were damp, the house was basically a massive mud puddle for several days afterwards. It was a nightmare. I know there’s other people out there who have moved in much worse conditions but considering we had moved twice before and never had any issues, this was pretty crappy. Thankfully though, Kurt and his buddies were able to get everything moved relatively quickly and nothing ended up being damaged. I think my biggest issue was the few hours where no one knew where the screws and bolts for Nate;s crib ended up. I took several vacation days for the move so I was able to get almost everything unpacked within a couple of days which was amazing. Nothing stresses me out more than seeing clutter and chaos in my house. We are also very fortunate to have lots of help from our families too. My dad and step mom came over for a bit to help watch Nate, my aunt and mom came over and helped me break down boxes and unpack, Kurt’s dad was back and forth to the house several times with loads of smaller stuff. A lot of hard work went into the move day and the days following but it all paid off!



That big, black blob on the bench is one of our male cats, Ari, who has developed a huge love for sunbathing in this spot every afternoon.


Dining room which is currently looking a little bland but with some pictures and a high back chair or two, it’ll be fabulous! We’ve never had an actual ‘dining room’ before. In our old house, we had just a big, eat-in kitchen so having a dedicated room kinda makes me feel all fancy and stuff! lol


Nice view of a huge hedge across the street. The good news is we’ll never have neighbours directly in front of us because that hedge belongs too a massive mansion of a home.


I spy with my little eye a Stella cat on the counter!



Hallway to the kitchen/living room


Stairs to the basement


Kitchen and living room





Living room


Our massive fireplace


Pretty faucet

Side story about this counter tops. We picked them out at our design appointment back in May. They’re this beautiful white quartz with grey flecks throughout it. Well, when we went for our walk through we were told our counter tops were going to be six days late which we were bummed about but they promised they’d be installed before Nate’s birthday parties on the 29th and 30th. The builder gave us plywood counter tops for the time being but unfortunately, the counter tops ended up being 11 days late and came in on Halloween. The first day they were installed I actually said to myself I missed the plywood only because I was so (and still am) terrified to ruin these counters because they’re so gorgeous.


“All you need is love and a good cup of coffee” – true story.



Upstairs loft space


Nate’s future ‘arts and crafts nook’


He literally has every toy possible. So many in fact that the huge storage trunk by the window is literally FILLED to the top with toys inside!





It’s all about the angles.


Nate’s room!


Yes, he was actually sleeping in his crib when I took these. I’m like a photo ninja!


Cutest little bum! 🙂





Nate’s bathroom


Master bedroom. I wonder why there’s always so much cat fur on the bed?



Master bath and massive five foot shower





But seriously, why is there always so much cat fur on our bed? I have no idea…

Well, there’s a little tour of our new home! I can’t wait until all the finishing touches are done and I can finally relax and enjoy it!

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