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Perfect Sunday

A little peek into my Mother’s Day outing yesterday with all my boys with links for items at the end!

I think those of us who are shift workers or work in essential services appreciate weekends a whole lot more than most. For one, while most are off on Saturdays and Sundays, we are not. Sure, we might get say like Tuesday and Thursday off during the week but everyone else is working and therefore; unable to do anything. When I started working two part-time jobs prior to kids, it sucked and I felt like I was missing out on spending time with Kurt and friends but once Nate came around, I truly realized just how much I would potentially be missing being a shift/weekend worker… family time, sports tournaments or practices, his days off once he starts school in September. I’ve been trying to really sit back and enjoy these last few months of maternity leave and the one-on-one time I get with both boys along with family time on weekends. It seems unimaginable to me that I could go back to both jobs and give up my weekends with my boys. I want to try to be present for as much of their young lives as I can before they start not wanting to hang out with Kurt and I. Before their friends come first and we come second. Before they’re all grown and deciding which college they want to attend. Yeah, I know those are years away and almost two decades for Eli, but considering how fast Nate is growing up, I might blink and tomorrow will be 2032!

Mother’s Day was yesterday and as you can see from these pictures, the weather was gorgeous out! I didn’t really have anything that I wanted to do in mind other than get out and enjoy the sunshine so that’s exactly what we did! It’s hard some days to get out with both boys because they’re really on different schedules. Eli wakes up early and doesn’t like to go down for a morning nap meaning his afternoon nap ends up being 3-4 hours long some days! Nate on the other hand has been sleeping in later and later so by the time he gets up, finishes his breakfast, gets dressed and whatnot, it can be pretty close to when Eli needs to lay down so some days getting out and taking a walk or going to the park seems almost impossible which is why on days like yesterday when the sun is shining and Kurt and I are both home, I want to do as much as we can outdoors.

We’re pretty lucky to live in a town with two relatively good beaches to hang out at. Sure, the majority of this one is covered with rocks but that’s what makes this one so fun! I’ve always had a love of collecting ‘pretty rocks’ or interesting rocks so taking Nate here and scouring the beach together finding ones we both like is something that I absolutely love plus Kurt is awesome at skipping rocks so Nate has a blast watching how far the rocks skim across the water when Kurt throws them. There’s a small park, grass to run around on, and a small sandy area too so really, what’s not to love? Our other beach tends to attract more people since it’s more sand than rocks but it’s just as fun and a great day to spend the afternoon. I’m so looking forward to spending summer days on these two beaches! Last year was our first summer in our new house and unfortunately because of an especially rainy winter/ spring/ early summer, the beaches were basically washed right out. The water levels were insanely high and what used to be waterfront beach was literally just water. It was definitely upsetting to have been so excited about having an entire summer off with Nate and Eli only to have Mother Nature kind of ruin it so this year I want to try to go as often as we can before I go back to work.

After the beach we headed to a park downtown for a little while and then had a late lunch/ early dinner down by the other waterfront. Once we got home, Nate and I decided to extend our outdoor time by setting up his water table and cleaning off all his outdoor toys. We’re hoping to get a fence up soon which I’m super excited about as well. Being a corner lot and having no fence means I definitely cannot trust Nate outside even for just a minute or two by himself. It’s hard trying to convince a three and a half year old to come inside just for a minute so Mommy can go pee or start dinner quickly. Once we have the fence up, at least I’ll know what Nate is contained within four walls and don’t have to worry about him chasing a ball out onto the road or thinking it’s o.k. to go for a walk by himself.

I hope everyone else’s Sunday/ Mother’s Day was as good as ours was! Happy Monday guys! The start of a new week, go and get at it!


Nate’s hat: Little Buck

Nate’s coat (from last year): Gap Kids (similar)

Diaper Bag: Anchored East

Eli’s Wrap (sold out in this colour): Baby Beluga (similar)

Sunglasses: Ray-Bans

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