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Baby Gourmet Foods: An Honest Review

Back when Nathan was a baby I blogged about making my own homemade baby food and the pros and cons that came with doing so. As much as I loved knowing exactly what I was feeding him and feeling like I was being a “good mom”, it was SO MUCH WORK in the very beginning and after a few months of him eating the same food combos over and over again, meal time turned into something that I dreaded. Nathan would cry, fuss, and refuse to eat anything I tried to give him. It was extremely discouraging to know I had spent so much time, energy, and honestly money on food that he no longer wanted to eat. After a few weeks of mealtime being the most stressful part of my day, I “caved” (old Carly’s words, not mine) and bought some food pouches from our grocery store which turned out to be a GAME CHANGER for both Nathan and myself (you can find that post linked here!). He absolutely loved the food combos that several of the big name brands had created and my stress during meal time completely lifted. Just like with my homemade baby food, not every pouch or brand was a hit but he was definitely taking in more from them than just my sad excuses for food.

After a few months of trying out different brands, combinations, and flavours; it became quite clear that Nathan had a favourite type. Baby Gourmet was the brand that I found myself buying quite consistently. They’re a Canadian company who proudly creates nutritious and flavourful baby food options. And their story is one that many moms and dads can relate to… not wanting to feed your child anything you wouldn’t eat yourself. Baby Gourmet only uses the highest quality non-GMO organic ingredients and do not add any sugars, salts, or artificial preservatives to their food. They also taste test their own product so with this in mind, I also made it a point to try a mouthful from every pouch that I was feeding to Nathan. There were very few that he did not enjoy and even the ones that I wasn’t a huge fan of (I’ve never liked beets, they taste like earth) Nathan on the other hand, would eat an entire pouch and then ask for more. I also absolutely loved the freedom these food pouches provided. No longer did I stress about how many food cubes to pack (I froze my own baby food in ice cube trays) when going out because I could just throw four or five food pouches in my bag and know that that was plenty for Nathan for a few hours and once he learned how to squeeze the pouches himself, my hands were now free to do one of my many things on my never ending chore list.

Flash forward a few years to when Eli was ready to start trying solids, I immediately went to the store and picked up a ton of Baby Gourmet products knowing that these were winners. I don’t think I ever even tried other store bought baby foods with Eli. I just stuck to them knowing that their values aligned with mine and that I felt confident knowing that he wasn’t getting any extra not-so-good additives.

Now here I am, with my third baby and even though she’s not at the age to start trying solids just yet, I’m so excited that when she is, we’ll get to rediscover Baby Gourmet together. Their product line has expanded tremendously over the last few years and looking at their website, there are so many new and tastey sounding options for Sage to enjoy. Along with their fruit and veg purees that both my boys loved, there’s now several options for cereals as well a snacks including options for toddlers and young kids. I’m also loving their website which has loads of tips and tricks from registered dietitians as well as yummy sounding recipes from on of the co-founders herself.

I never have and never will post about something I don’t truly believe in so when I say I love this company, it’s most definitely true! They really are the standard in which I think all baby food companies should aspire to be!

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